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Unveiling the Shadows: The 10 Most Unsafe Cities in Maine 2023

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Maine is known for its beauty, but certain places are plagued by crime. Although the state’s crime rate is lower than the national average, some localities struggle. RoadSnacks used the FBI’s current crime data to identify communities above 5,000 experiencing issues in 2023.

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Top 10 Most Unsafe Cities in Maine 2023

Augusta, the state capital and home to the University of Maine, has higher crime rates than the state average in robbery, assault, violent crime, burglary, and auto theft. Larceny and aggravated assault are greater in Houlton, a tiny town on the US/Canada border than the national average. Despite a population gain since 2011, Waterville has high property crime rates, exceeding state averages in several categories.

In Biddeford, a coastal community with a growing population, larceny rates are rising. Auburn, formerly a shoe industry hub, is today Maine’s fifth most violent city.

Despite its charm, Bangor has high crime rates, including car thefts and robberies. Skowhegan, known for its art, has high property crime. Second-largest city Lewiston is now Maine’s ninth most hazardous due to rising crime rates.

Presque Isle, with its elegance and facilities, has a higher crime rate than Maine but lower than the nation. Despite its strengths, Sanford has a high burglary and property crime rate.

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Staying Safe in Maine

Maine vacationers should minimize unnecessary displays of valuables, secure possessions in cars, seek well-lit gas stations at night, prepare for harsh winter weather, and enjoy local pleasures like lobster rolls to keep safe.

Maine has reduced crime rates, however, certain cities have high crime rates, requiring attention to job prospects, wages, and rehabilitation programs.

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