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Georgia’s 2023 Watchlist: Identifying the 10 Most Hazardous Cities

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Certain Georgia cities’ security issues. Crime data are used to help people choose a home. Georgia boasts gorgeous scenery and a rich history, but its cities are unsafe at night.

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Georgia’s 10 most hazardous cities for 2023

Using FBI data, it examines violent and property crimes per capita in cities exceeding 5,000. Georgia ranks high among riskier U.S. states, and the listed cities contribute to this reputation.

The top ten most dangerous Georgia cities for 2023 are College Park, Americus, Garden City, Albany, Waycross, Griffin, Forest Park, Cordele, LaGrange, and Eastman. Population, ranking from the previous year, and violent and property crime rates per 100,000 residents determine each city’s score.

College Park remains Georgia’s most dangerous city, with the highest rates of murder, rape, and property offenses. The article highlights that the FBI’s crime statistics cover the city’s surrounding territories.

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Georgia’s Most Dangerous Cities for Informed Decision-Making

The FBI 2020 Crime In The United States Report is used to identify the most hazardous cities. The report covers crime in cities exceeding 5,000 nationwide. According to the analysis, violent and property crimes per capita are important. According to their “Dangerous Index,” Georgia’s most dangerous city has the lowest value.

The post helps people considering moving to Georgia by offering crime data on city safety. It empowers users to make informed lifestyle selections by comparing the pros and downsides of different state regions.

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