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Exploring Idaho’s Safety: A Snapshot of Cities and Their Crime Rates

The most dangerous cities in Idaho, highlighting their specific challenges and unique qualities, backed by recent crime reports. (Photo: travelingrauf)

Discover the safer and riskier sides of Idaho’s cities through key crime statistics, shedding light on places to exercise caution or find tranquility.

most dangerous cities in Idaho

Most Dangerous Cities in Idaho: See If Your City Is On The List. (Photo: Pinterest)

1. Garden City
Garden City, with a population of 12,316, stands as one of Idaho’s riskier spots. Violent crimes, including robberies and shootings, have increased, leading to safety concerns. The chances of becoming a victim of a violent crime are 1 in 5,757, as per Neighborhood Scout. Issues like drug trafficking and gang activity contribute to its reputation. Despite challenges, attractions like Chinese gardens and Memorial Stadium add allure, making caution essential for visitors.

2. Pocatello
Pocatello, home to 56,637 residents, grapples with a high crime rate due to drug use, homelessness, and poverty. Violent crimes, including assault and domestic violence, escalate with drug-related problems. The poverty rate surpasses the national average, fostering criminal activities. Despite safety challenges, Pocatello offers cultural attractions and outdoor activities. Ongoing police efforts, including community policing and increased patrols, aim to address safety concerns.

3. Twin Falls
Twin Falls, with a crime rate index of 232, surpasses the U.S. average, posing safety concerns, particularly in downtown areas known for property theft and vandalism. The city’s 2022 crime rate stands at 232, higher than 80% of U.S. cities. While attractions abound, firsthand experiences highlight unexpected violent incidents, emphasizing the need for awareness among residents and visitors.

4. Blackfoot
Blackfoot, a city of 11,900, faces safety challenges with a crime rate exceeding both Idaho and national averages. Drug use contributes to property crimes, including theft and burglary. Despite these issues, Blackfoot boasts attractions like the Idaho Potato Museum and outdoor recreational opportunities. Visitors are advised caution due to prevalent property crimes, as shared through experiences of break-ins near Jensen Grove Park.

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5. Chubbuck
Chubbuck, hosting around 13,000 residents, grapples with a high crime rate, notably in property crimes. Violent crime rates, at 8.3 per 1,000 residents, surpass the national average. Limited resources pose challenges for law enforcement, impacting response times. A friend’s experience of a neighbor’s house burglary underscores property crime prevalence even in seemingly peaceful rural areas, cautioning against complacency.

6. Mountain Home
Mountain Home, housing 14,000 residents, contends with one of Idaho’s highest crime rates. Violent crime rates and property crime rates, especially in rural areas, exceed national averages. A colleague’s insights highlight varying safety levels within the town. The impact of crime depends on the locality, emphasizing the importance of vigilance, even in areas with peaceful characteristics.

7. Nampa
Nampa, home to over 100,000 residents, raises concerns with a crime rate 82% higher than the national average. Property crime, nearly double the national average, contributes to safety worries. A friend’s account of frequent break-ins and thefts underscores these concerns. While Nampa charms with parks and a historic downtown, caution is advised due to significantly elevated property crime rates.

8. Caldwell
Caldwell, among Idaho’s larger cities with 50,000 residents, faces safety challenges with a violent crime rate nine times the national average. Property crime rates significantly surpass the national average. Limited law enforcement resources contribute to criminal exploitation. Residents are advised extra safety measures, emphasizing awareness in well-lit areas and avoiding suspicious situations.

9. Payette
Payette, a city of 7,500, earns a reputation as one of Idaho’s most dangerous, with a total crime rate 70% higher than the national average. Violent crimes, notably above the national average, pose significant risks. Issues like high crime rates, particularly in violent crimes, caution residents. Despite these challenges, Payette’s small size doesn’t mitigate safety concerns, demanding vigilance from both residents and visitors.

10. Lewiston
Lewiston, with a population exceeding 32,000, experiences crime rates 38% higher than the national average. Property crimes, nearly twice the national average, contribute to safety concerns. The city’s scenic appeal contrasts with crime challenges. Outdoor activities like fishing and hiking coexist with the need for extra safety measures, given the elevated crime rates.

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