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Revealing Nevada’s Top 10 Most Risky Cities in 2023: Crime Data Uncovered

(Photo: US News & World Report)
(Photo: US News & World Report)

Nevada’s diverse scenery and lively cities are thrilling to explore. Whether exploring Las Vegas’ bright lights or Lake Tahoe’s splendor, safety, especially during solo travel, is paramount. This guide covers safety while visiting Nevada’s famous sites and dynamic cities.

(Photo: US News & World Report)

(Photo: US News & World Report)

Top 10 Most Risky Cities

Reno, NV
Situated in Northern Nevada near Lake Tahoe, Reno faces significant violent crime figures, surpassing even Las Vegas in per capita reported crimes.

Las Vegas, NV
“Sin City” tops the charts with high crime across categories like murder, rape, assault, and theft, reflecting its bustling nature and numerous businesses.

North Las Vegas, NV
Adjacent to Las Vegas, North Las Vegas deals with considerable violent crime, although a noticeable decline has been observed since 2018.

Elko, NV
Despite its small population, Elko contends with alarming violent crime rates, surpassing larger cities like Las Vegas and Reno.

Sparks, NV
As a Reno suburb, Sparks mirrors its neighbor’s crime issues but registers fewer homicides and boasts a higher average household income.

Henderson, NV
While a fast-growing city near Las Vegas, Henderson maintains a relatively lower violent crime rate but still reports over 500 incidents in 2022.

Winnemucca, NV
Winnemucca, despite low violent crime, grapples with high property crime rates, exceeding other Nevada cities in this category.

Carlin, NV
A small town along Interstate 80, Carlin exhibits a doubled violent crime rate compared to the national average.

Lovelock, NV
With disproportionately high crime rates for its size, Lovelock’s low household income contributes to its ranking despite a downward trend in crime.

Mesquite, NV
Although not the highest in overall crime, Mesquite faces elevated rape rates due to its appeal to out-of-state visitors and its casino presence.

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Safety Measures

Nevada solo travelers must prioritize safety. Many tourists visit Reno and Las Vegas for their casinos, stressing the necessity for extra measures. Hotels usually have security, but boosting it is wise. Lock hotel rooms using deadbolts and portable door jammers and leave a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign to appear occupied. Communicate with locals carefully, secure things, and leave suspicious circumstances.

Avoid less supervised districts in Nevada’s cities and stick to crowded tourist destinations. Keeping pricey accessories hidden might deflect unwanted attention and targeting. Read safety reviews before booking and choose hotels in safe neighborhoods to improve safety.

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