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2023’s Crime Hotspots: The 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Ohio

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Ohio has hazardous locations despite its thriving cities and diverse scenery. Considering moving to Ohio identify cities that may need home security upgrades.

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Identifying Dangerous Cities in 2023 Using FBI Crime Data

Ohio has beautiful state parks, lively cities, and extensive cornfields, but some areas require caution. RoadSnacks selected Ohio’s most dangerous cities using FBI per capita property and violent crime data.

Safety in these cities varies by neighborhood. Ohio’s economic upheavals and population migration to coastal cities and Chicago due to tech prospects make it dishonest to blame people for crime statistics. Ohio likewise faces the opioid epidemic.

Before listing hazardous cities, remember that security cameras can improve neighborhood safety.

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Most Dangerous Ohio Cities 2023

  1. Canton
  2. Moraine
  3.  Cleveland
  4.  Springfield
  5.  Portsmouth
  6. Dayton
  7. Whitehall
  8. Mt Healthy
  9. Cincinnati
  10. Akron

Canton, with 70,124 residents, is Ohio’s most dangerous city in 2023. The third-highest burglary rate and second-highest rape rate in the state plague the city. Canton’s violent crime rate is second.

Cleveland, Dayton, and Cincinnati are among Ohio’s top ten most hazardous cities. This research uses FBI 2020 Crime In The United States Report data. Ohio communities above 5,000 are ranked on violent and property offenses per capita to ensure fairness. This comprehensive method helps people make safe decisions by revealing crime areas.

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