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Exploring Miami’s Underbelly: 10 Neighborhoods Facing Challenges Amidst Paradise

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Miami [Photo: Florida Real Estate]
Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Miami [Photo: Florida Real Estate]Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Miami [Photo: Florida Real Estate]

Miami, renowned for its numerous neighborhoods and lively culture, offers diverse lifestyles. Some communities have reputation issues despite their fashionable enclaves and premium locations. We explore Miami’s 10 least appealing neighborhoods in this post. We examine their inferiority in the city’s landscape using statistics and science.

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Miami [Photo: Florida Real Estate]

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Miami [Photo: Florida Real Estate]Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Miami [Photo: Florida Real Estate]

The 10 Dangerous Neighborhoods in Miami

In Overtown, the population is 9,640, with 1,894 violent crimes, 11,159 property crimes, and 13,053 total reported crimes.
History-rich Overtown has heavy crime and gun violence. With a 145% higher crime rate than the national average, late-night walks are discouraged. The region had 13,053 crimes in 2022.

Population: 16,245, Violent Crime: 1,957, Property Crime: 6,139, Total Reported Crime: 8,096
Despite its urban-suburban mix, Opa-Locka has crime issues. It recorded 8,096 crimes in 2022, including 1,957 violent and 6,139 property offenses.

Downtown Miami
Downtown population: 30,065; violent crime: 1,109; property crime: 6,649; total reported crime: 7,758.
Downtown Miami is popular yet has a 308% higher crime rate than the national average. It had 7,758 crimes in 2022, including 1,109 violent and 6,649 property offenses.

Wynwood, with a population of 17,923, has 726 violent crimes, 6,542 property crimes, and 7,268 total reported crimes.
Car break-ins in Wynwood, infamous for unreported crimes, make it unsuitable for strolls. There were 7,268 crimes in 2022, including 726 violent and 6,542 property offenses.

Model City
Model City, population 25,023; violent crime: 1,781; property crime: 4,710; total reported crime: 6,491.
Liberty City, or Model City, has high crime rates and a typical family income of $9,601. It recorded 6,491 crimes in 2022, including 1,781 violent and 4,710 property offenses.

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Upper Eastside
Upper Eastside populations: 7,725; violent crime: 697; property crime: 5,548; total reported crime: 6,245.
Upper Eastside has 230% more crime than the country. There were 6,245 crimes in 2022, including 697 violent and 5,548 property offenses.

North Miami
North Miami has a population of 62,158 with a total of 3,944 reported crimes, including 762 violent crimes and 1,382 property crimes. The 34.06 crime rate per 1,000 people in North Miami raises safety concerns. There were 3,944 crimes in 2022, including 762 violent and 1,382 property offenses.

Bayside Harbor
Bayside Harbor, population 21,854; violent crime: 667; property crime: 4,211; total reported crime: 4,878.
Tourists go to Bayside Harbor for its scenery but beware of pickpockets. There were 4,878 crimes in 2022, including 667 violent and 4,211 property offenses.

Miami Gardens
Miami Gardens, population 112,514; violent crime: 782; property crime: 2,775; total reported crime: 3,557.
Safety is an issue in Miami Gardens, with 29.64 crimes per 1,000 people. It recorded 3,557 crimes in 2022, including 782 violent and 2,775 property offenses.

Little Haiti
In Little Haiti, the population is 33,229, with 1,056 violent crimes, 3,444 property crimes, and 4,500 total reported crimes.
Culture-rich Little Haiti struggles with nighttime violence and dangerous circumstances. It registered 4,500 crimes in 2022, including 1,056 violent and 3,444 property offenses.

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