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Exploring The 10 Most Dangerous Cities In North Dakota 2023

As we travel through the vast lands of North Dakota, which are famous for their peaceful scenery and quiet, a different story unfolds that shows the state’s dangerous areas. Together with RoadSnacks, we looked at the most recent FBI crime statistics to find the safest places in the Peace Garden State for 2022. Every place has its own problems, from the big city of Fargo to the smaller towns like Valley City. That’s why it’s important for everyone, including tourists, to stay aware. Come with us as we break down the data that goes into the scores and show how North Dakota’s crime rates affect safety.

Exploring The 10 Most Dangerous Cities In North Dakota 2023
(Photo: North Dakota Studies)

10 Most Dangerous Cities In North Dakota

1. Fargo: The Deadliest City in North Dakota

Unfortunately, Fargo, the state’s largest city, wins the title of most hazardous location in North Dakota in 2022. Residents confront serious hazards due to the rising frequency of violent crimes, burglaries, and auto thefts. Concern should be expressed about the city’s alarmingly high incidence of rape and murder.

2. Devils Lake: Dangerous Increase in Crime

Despite its eerie moniker, Devils Lake is North Dakota’s second-most hazardous city due to an increase in violent crime, especially rape charges. This northeastern city has higher than normal rates of property crime; therefore, locals are advised to be very cautious.

3. Mandan: The Third Most Dangerous

Located on the other side of the Missouri River from Bismarck, Mandan is ranked as the third-most hazardous location in North Dakota. The community, which is well-known for Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park, has legitimate worries among its citizens due to its high incidence of rape, murder, and property crimes.

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4. Wahpeton: Issues with Property Crime

An hour south of Fargo, Wahpeton is the place in North Dakota with the fourth-highest crime rate for 2022. Property crimes are a major worry for locals, even though they are not very violent. There is a noticeable chance that they may become victims of theft or burglary.

5. Williston: Challenges in the Pacific Northwest

Williston still has a lot of issues, especially when it comes to major crime, despite a slight drop in crime rates. There is a discernible risk of violent attack, thus locals are advised to be cautious, particularly while visiting places like Fort Union Trading Post in the northwest.

The Negative Aspect of the Capital

The capital and second-largest city of North Dakota, Bismarck, has a nasty underbelly and crime rates that demand quick attention. The city still has issues with property and violent crimes, like as rape, murder, and burglary, despite being home to attractions like the Dakota Zoo.

7. Grand Forks: Abhorrent Realities

Grand Forks, which is home to the University of North Dakota, is the tenth most dangerous city in the state. The growing trend in violent crime rates makes residents more vulnerable to violent attacks, which detracts from the city’s allure.

8. Jamestown Is Not Free from Issues

Jamestown, which lies between Bismarck and Fargo, is not without its issues, despite the fact that it might not be as dangerous as neighboring towns. Because this city is in the top ten for both violent and property crime, and because the number of rape cases is significant, residents should proceed with care.

9. Valley City: Small in Size, But Not Safe From Danger

A rise in violent crime has left Valley City, the smallest city on the list, with the tenth highest rate of violent crime in the state. Risk is not exclusive to larger cities, as seen by the high rates of property crime in this little one as well.

10. Minot: Intruding Criminal Guests

Because crime is an unwelcome guest in even this picture-perfect rural hamlet, Minot is ranked as the ninth most dangerous place in North Dakota. Even though the city is home to attractions like the Minot Air Force Base, it suffers with violent and property crimes.

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