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The 10 worst Portland Oregon neighborhoods

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High unemployment, low median income, low density, cheap property prices, and greater crime rates make some Portland neighborhoods less desirable.

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Portland’s Neighborhoods: Balancing Safety

These neighborhoods were chosen based on economic health, professional and business appeal, local activity, housing affordability, and safety.

This is also based on unemployment, median income, density, property prices, and crime. Highways increase homelessness, affecting safety and economic metrics.

Some communities are improving, but sustainable improvements require continual efforts.

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List of Portland’s worst neighborhoods:

Centennial: The worst area for years, Centennial has high unemployment, low income, little activity, and escalating crime.

Powellhurst: Near freeways and homeless, Powellhurst has safety and economic issues.

Daytime attractions in Old Town/Chinatown are less appealing at night due to safety concerns.

Mill Park has high crime and homelessness due to two major freeways.

Sunderland, near the airport, has industrial problems and a bad state.

Lloyd District: Near prosperous communities, the Lloyd District is dismal and hazardous.

While improving, St. Johns’s outskirts still have issues, making it a mixed bag for residents.

Parkrose, near the intersection of major highways, has considerable homelessness and crime.

Bridgeton: Near the highway and industrial area, safety and housing are issues.

Kenton: Up-and-coming and demanding, Kenton has improved but needs safety and economic attention.

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