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10 Worst Neighborhoods in Portland, Oregon

Highlighting the 10 worst neighborhoods in Portland, Oregon (Photo:

People all over the world love Portland, Oregon, for its lively areas and diverse communities. But, like any city, it has parts that are hard to get around in. In the spirit of making smart choices, we’ve made a list of Portland’s 10 worst neighborhoods to live in. Our goal is to give people useful information so that they can make smart decisions when they are thinking about moving to this lovely place.

Highlighting the 10 worst neighborhoods in Portland, Oregon (Photo:

10 Worst Neighborhoods in Portland, Oregon

1. Centennial

Centennial, which is just northeast of Powellhurst, has been named the worst neighborhood in the Portland area for a long time. Even though some steps have been taken to make things better, problems still exist, and they seem to be spreading further east.

2. Powellhurst

The 205 Freeway and Route 76 are two important roads that are close to Powellhurst, which exacerbates its problems. Poor people living close to overpasses are one factor contributing to high crime rates.

3. Old Town/Chinatown

When the sun goes down, Old Town is full of life, but at night, it has a different feel. It has good restaurants and places to hang out during the day, but be careful after dark.

4. Mill Park

Mill Park has a hard time being close to I-84 and I-205. High crime rates are made worse by the large number of homeless people that live under overpasses and at bus stops.

5. Sunderland

Sunderland is closer to the airport and is surrounded by industrial areas. It has some good points, like easy access to main roads, but it also has some tough problems, like homelessness and complicated industrial areas.

6. Lloyd District

Even though it’s close to downtown and has some great areas, the Lloyd District is still mostly industrial and sad. The area doesn’t have as much success as the neighborhoods next to it.

7. St. Johns

Even though St. Johns is unique and has lots of things to do, the areas around it have problems. As more workers move into the area, things should get better, but some spots are still rough.

8. Parkrose

Due to its high traffic location, Parkrose, which is sandwiched between the major roads 205 and 84, faces difficulties, which in turn raises crime rates.

9. Bridgeton

Bridgeton has problems with homelessness and big factories because it is close to the I-5 highway. Some people think about it because it would make their journey easier, but be careful because it is close to an industrial area.

10. Kenton

Recently named one of the best neighborhoods, Kenton’s inclusion comes from the fact that it is a new and growing place. Things are getting better in the middle, but there are still problems on the edges.

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What we did investigate Portland’s worst neighborhoods?

To find the worst neighborhoods, things like crime rates, low home prices, high unemployment, and low median income had to be looked at. Being close to local roads became a common theme, which affected public transportation and led to higher crime rates.

Overall, each of Portland’s neighborhoods is different and offers a unique way to live. Even though these areas have problems, it’s important to think about your own preferences and goals when picking a place to live.

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