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Navigating the 10 Most Dangerous Cities in New Jersey 2023

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[Photo: Vector Movers NJ]

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[Photo: Vector Movers NJ]

New Jersey is known for its famous boardwalks and pop culture figures, but there is another side to the state that is less showy and more dangerous. There is more to cities than just busy streets and reality TV stars. Some cities have problems that aren’t like those in other cities.

We’ve carefully put together a list of the ten most dangerous towns in New Jersey for 2023 to shed light on these dangerous areas and help people who are thinking about moving there make an informed choice. This isn’t about the danger of making a bagel go wrong; it’s about the kind of danger that makes the news and changes how people think about it.

Our scores are based on a full study of violent and property crime rates in cities with populations of more than 5,000 people. This gives you a better idea of how safe 330 municipalities are. The chosen towns are sadly known for crimes like car thefts, robberies during the day, and a lot of shootings. Some areas need extra safety, especially at night.

It’s important to remember, though, that not all parts of towns like Newark and Jersey City are equally dangerous. It is possible to feel safe in these cities because they have nice areas and busy shopping malls. But care is very important, and people who might want to move are highly encouraged to do a lot of research first.

Even though the high crime rate in New Jersey is scary, it’s not all the state’s fault. Since New Jersey is the most highly crowded state in the country, problems are bound to arise when a huge number of people, especially Jerseyites, gather in one place.

Read on to find out exactly where these troubled places are, each with more drama than an episode of The Sopranos. In some parts of the Garden State, this study helps you find your way through the shadows by showing you how safety and danger work in complicated ways.

  1. Asbury Park

That would be Asbury Park, which is on the beautiful Jersey Shore and in the busy New York place metro area. It is this year’s most dangerous place in New Jersey. Residents are at a very high risk because the crime rate is three times the state average, especially when it comes to serious crimes. In 2020, the chance of being assaulted, killed, or sexually assaulted was 1 in 81. This shows how important it is to be careful, even in places that seem safe, like the beach.

Facts about the city:

Number of people living there: 15,331
Crimes against people: 1,226
Property crimes: 3,424

2. Millville

While Millville’s violent crime rate isn’t as high as Camden’s, the town’s property crime rate is very high, ranking fifth in the state and adding to the total high crime rate. People who go to Millville’s parks should be careful to keep their belongings safe and lock the doors carefully. One in 29 people had their stuff stolen or damaged in 2020, which shows that we need to be more careful.

Facts about the city:

Number of violent crimes per 100,000 people: 634
3 402 property crimes per 100,000 people

3. Bridgeton

Bridgeton is the third most dangerous place in New Jersey. It is an hour’s drive south of Philadelphia. Even though it has a zoo with bears and tigers, the real dangers are on the streets, where it ranks fifth in the state for serious crimes. People in Bridgeton should be very careful and double-check their locks because it has the highest theft rate in New Jersey for 2020.

Facts about the city:

Number of people: 24,032

973 violent crimes per 100,000 people

3,066 property crimes per 100,000 people


4. Atlantic City

Atlantic City is known for its casinos, beaches, and famous pier, but it also has a darker side that makes it the fourth most dangerous city in New Jersey. The city has the ninth highest crime rate in the state, even though it has historical ties to Boardwalk Empire. In 2020, there was a 1 in 37 chance that someone would be a victim of property crime, and the murder rate was the third highest in the country.

Facts about the city:

Number of people: 37,550

822 violent crimes per 100,000 people

2,697 property crimes per 100,000 people


5. Woodbury

Even though it has a cute name, Woodbury is the fifth most dangerous place in New Jersey. It’s only a 20-minute drive from the busy Philadelphia metro area. Property crime, not violent crime, is the main worry. Woodbury has the seventh-highest rate of thefts in the state.

Facts about the city:

Number of people: 9,744

389 violent crimes per 100,000 people

3,366 property crimes per 100,000 people


6. Lindenwold

Lindenwold is only a half-hour drive southeast of Camden. It is ranked sixth on the list of New Jersey’s most dangerous towns for 2022. Lindenwold has the seventh-highest rate of rape cases and a 1 in 157 chance of being assaulted every year, so people should be careful there. The city also has the third-highest rate of burglaries in the state, as shown by the sad case of a shooting death in late 2021.

Facts about the city:

Number of people: 17,206

633 violent crimes per 100,000 people

2,417 property crimes per 100,000 people


7. Neptune City

Even though Neptune Township is known as “The Crossroads of the Jersey Shore,” it doesn’t do a good job of showing crime. Even though it has the lowest rate of physical crime on the list, there is a 30% chance that someone will be a victim of property crime. A fatal shooting in late 2021 shows how important it is to stay alert and work to keep the community safe.

Facts about the city:

Number of people: 27,320

391 violent crimes per 100,000 people

3,327 property crimes per 100,000 people


8. Camden

Camden has the highest rate of violent crime and the second-highest murder rate in New Jersey. The city is known across the country for having high rates of violent crime. Even though crime has been slowly going down over the years, people still need to be careful in this city, which is seen as a model for how police should change. It was shocking when a 19-year-old man admitted to killing a 74-year-old woman who was like his grandmother.

Facts about the city:

Number of people: 73,127

1,602 violent crimes per 100,000 people

2,159 property crimes per 100,000 people

9. Elizabeth

Elizabeth has the ninth-highest crime rate in New Jersey for 2022. It is the fourth most popular city in the state. Even though physical crime is a big problem, most of the 774 crimes that happened in 2020 were thefts or attacks. Elizabeth’s slow rise on this list is different from its northern neighbor, Newark, where crime rates have been going down.

Facts about the city:

People living there: 129,518

Crimes against property: 2,236

Crimes against people violently: 597

10. Absecon
Absecon is a coastal town in southern New Jersey that was named after a Native American group. The town has both beautiful scenery and a high crime rate. Property crime is the main worry, with Absecon having the fifth most thefts and third most larcenies in the state. Violence isn’t a big deal.

Facts about the city:

8 556 people live there

282 violent crimes

3,895 property crimes happen every 100,000 people.

These numbers show the problems each city is having and stress how important it is to work on neighborhood safety and take proactive steps to deal with crime. As people go about their daily lives in these areas, it’s still important to understand and deal with the causes of crime in order to make neighborhoods better.

The Chilling Tale of John List’s Horrific Crimes in New Jersey

In 1971, New Jersey witnessed a horrible crime that will never be forgotten. It left the quiet town of Westfield with a story of unimaginable horror. People used to think of John List as a normal family man, but in his Victorian house, he planned a terrifying and planned murder.

List planned and carried out acts of violence against his wife, mother, and three children. List continued with a macabre routine after ending their lives. He carefully covered his tracks by canceling supplies and lying to the kids’ schools with notes saying the family would be away for a short time.

The horrible truth inside the house was hidden by its bright lights and the creepy sound of classical music. The terrible crime wasn’t discovered for almost a month because List disappeared without a trace. He took on a new name, started a new life in Colorado, and even got married.

People told stories about how evil John List was for 18 years, until 1989, when he was finally caught thanks to a tip from a fan of the TV show “America’s Most Wanted.”

The List case is still talked about as one of the most famous and scary events in New Jersey’s history. It serves as a warning of the darkness that can hide behind the masks of seemingly normal lives.

People who live in or visit New Jersey must always follow safety rules when they’re on the streets. Here are five very important tips:

  1. Protect Your Things: Don’t leave anything in your car, not even loose change. Even small amounts of money can attract unwanted attention and lead to smash-and-grab crimes.
  2. Stay Alert: Be aware of what’s going on around you and stay alert to keep yourself safe.
  3. Lessen Your Valuables: If you want to lower your risk of theft, don’t take a bag or wallet.
  4. Beware of Suspicious Items: If you get back to your car and find things tied to it, be careful not to take them off there because it could be a trap.
  5. Drink responsibly: If you’re in a public place, like a bar, always have your drink with you to avoid any problems.

Putting up these safety measures is a stark warning that being alert is important even in everyday life to avoid hurt.


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