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Most Dangerous Cities in Montana: Crime Challenges in Scenic Landscapes


Challenges of Crime Persist in Montana’s Most Dangerous Cities

Billings, Ronan, Helena, Polson, Havre, Cut Bank, Great Falls, Missoula, Wolf Point, and East Helena are some of the most dangerous cities in Montana due to various crime challenges. (Photo:

Unveiling the Crime Rankings of Montana’s Most Dangerous Cities

According to source, Montana, celebrated for its picturesque landscapes, grapples with crime challenges in certain cities. Billings, the key metropolis with a population of 110,157, unfortunately earns the title of one of the most dangerous cities in Montana due to heightened property crime rates and 14 homicides in the past year. Ronan, a small city of 2,141 in the northwest region, secures its place as the second most dangerous city owing to its high per-capita crime rate, while Helena, the state’s capital, takes the unwelcome position as the third most dangerous city with the highest rate of rape.

Polson, a small town inhabited by 5,115 people in the Flathead Indian Reservation, emerges as the fourth most dangerous city due to significant safety concerns. Havre, nestled in north-central Montana, witnesses rising property and violent crime rates, positioning it as the fifth most dangerous among the most dangerous cities in Montana. Cut Bank, despite its small population of 3,075, stands out as the most perilous place in the state, with the highest violent crime rate and ninth in property crime rate.

Great Falls, housing 58,345 residents, reports the highest property crime rate in Montana, earning its rank as the second most crime-ridden among the most dangerous cities in Montana. Missoula, despite its size, registers one of the highest murder rates and confronts property crime challenges, making it the fourth most dangerous city.

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Navigating Safety Challenges in Montana’s Riskiest Cities

Wolf Point, situated on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation, grapples with one of the highest violent crime rates in the state, securing its place among the most dangerous cities in Montana. East Helena, a small town near the capital, ranks as one of the most dangerous cities in Montana due to its crime rate. When residing in or visiting these most dangerous cities in Montana, it is imperative for residents and visitors to take precautions to enhance their safety.

Montana’s crime rates exhibit variations by location, and measures to enhance safety encompass increasing police presence and investing in social services and education in these most dangerous cities in Montana. Residents can make contributions by actively engaging in neighborhood watch programs and advocating for policies addressing underlying issues.

Victims of crime within the most dangerous cities in Montana can access a variety of resources, including victim advocacy, counseling, legal assistance, and financial compensation programs. Montana’s striking natural beauty coexists with challenges, and the state diligently upholds its commitment to maintaining public safety in these most dangerous cities in Montana.

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