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Discover the Most Dangerous Neigborhoods in Boston in 2023: Check If Yours is on the List!

Most dangerous neighborhoods in Boston. (Photo: Travel + Leisure)

Boston, a historically significant city with a rich educational background and culinary delights, is not without its safety concerns. Neighborhoods like Roxbury, Hyde Park, and Jamaica Plain are among the most dangerous neighborhoods in Boston. Despite Boston’s overall safety for tourists, it ranks among the top six cities in hate crimes, reported across various neighborhoods.

This underscores the importance of caution, particularly for minorities and in unfamiliar areas.While Boston has its attractions, those considering a move should be mindful of certain neighborhoods with less favorable reputations.

To help you make informed choices, here’s a list of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Boston based on crime statistics, prioritizing violent crimes to determine their safety status;

Central: One of the Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Boston. (Photo: Curbed Boston)

First on the list, Central. It is one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Boston, housing around 33,000 residents and claiming the title of the largest in the city. It’s also the riskiest part of Boston proper, where walking alone at night is discouraged due to a violent crime rate that is 320 percent higher than the national average.

Unfortunately, most aggravated assaults and murders in Boston occur within Central, solidifying its reputation as a genuinely perilous place to live. Despite its attractions like museums, sports arenas, historical walks, and wealth, Central’s safety doesn’t meet the expected standards.

Roxbury: Central: One of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Boston. (Photo: Boston University)

Next on the list, Roxbury is one of Boston’s most dangerous neighborhoods, contrary to its cinematic namesake. It has a violent crime rate approximately twice that of the city’s average and 232 percent higher than the national average. This neighborhood sees a notable level of assaults, robberies, and sporadic gang activity, making it a place where caution is paramount. If you consider living here, you face a 1 in 21 chance of becoming a crime victim, although Roxbury is still safer than 16 percent of Massachusetts cities.

South End: One of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Boston. (Photo: Time Out)

Last on the list of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Boston is South End. It is home to 34,304 residents and exhibits a crime rate that is 169% higher than the state average. While violent crimes are not as prevalent, property crimes, including vehicle break-ins, are quite common here. Residents are often advised against leaving personal items in their vehicles due to the frequency of such incidents. Despite its crime rate, South End has an average home price of a hefty $568,400.

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