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Must-Know Places to Avoid in Hawaii: Discovering Hawaii’s Beauty and Risk

Places to Avoid in Hawaii. (Photo: Nations Online Project)

Hawaii’s allure lies in its stunning beaches, natural beauty, and nightlife, but it’s not without challenges. This guide highlights the top 10 places to avoid in Hawaii, offers alternatives, and emphasizes the need for caution, especially in tourist-heavy areas susceptible to crime. While Hawaii is generally considered safe, visitors should stay vigilant, as criminals may target tourists who often carry money and valuables. By staying informed and cautious, travelers can enjoy Hawaii’s beauty while minimizing potential risks.

To ensure your safety while venturing through Hawaii’s islands, here’s a list of the places to avoid in Hawaii, especially after nightfall;

Makaha: One of the Places to Avoid in Hawaii. (Photo: Britannica)

First on the list, a destination favored by surfers and sea turtle enthusiasts, Makaha. It is often on the list of places to avoid in Hawaii, even though it offers excitement for those exploring Oahu. Regrettably, this tourist hotspot also bears the unfortunate distinction of having the highest crime rate in the entire state. Despite the presence of multiple Honolulu Police Department stations in the area, there exists a 1 in 30 likelihood that someone may pilfer your wallet while you savor the delights of Makaha Beach Park.

Wahiawa: One of the Places to Avoid in Hawaii. (Photo: Speedy Shuttle)

Second of the list, located on a peninsula in the heart of Lake Wilson, Wahiawa. It has earned its somewhat less-than-flattering nickname as the “armpit of Oahu” for a reason. Despite its tenth-place ranking in terms of crime rate among places to avoid in Hawaii, this town, which happens to be the birthplace of Dole Foods, boasts a higher crime rate than the state as a whole. The situation is concerning to such an extent that local law enforcement authorities strongly recommend avoiding the town altogether, particularly after dark.

Hilo: One of the Places to Avoid in Hawaii. (Photo: Love Big Island)

Lastly, Hilo. It s home to approximately 45,600 residents, stands out as one of the places to avoid in Hawaii due to its crime rates, which are a staggering 70% higher than the national average. This makes it one of the most perilous areas in Hawaii and the United States as a whole.

In Hilo, the chances of becoming a victim of crime are a concerning 1 in 23, and the city records a substantial 83% more property crimes than the entire country. Consequently, it’s not advisable to ride a bicycle in this region, given the prevalence of drunk drivers, frequent rain, and narrow roads. Additionally, walking alone at night is discouraged due to the heightened risk of muggings.

For these compelling reasons, Hilo earns the unfortunate distinction of being one of the places to avoid in Hawaii.

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