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Discover the Worst Places to Live in Colombia – A Quick Look!

Worst places to live in Colombia. (Photo: Marca Pais Colombia)

Colombia offers a diverse landscape with beautiful living options and vibrant cities, providing a great lifestyle with modern amenities and attractions. Conducting thorough research is crucial to find excellent places to reside in the country. However, safety remains a significant concern, with certain areas posing a high risk of crime. While Medellin has transformed into a desirable place to live since its turbulent past, there are still numerous less favorable locations in Colombia.

Here is a List of the Worst Places to Live in Colombia

Soacha: One of the worst places to live in Colombia. (Photo: MAPCARTA)

First on the list of the worst places in Colombia is Soacha. Soacha, located near Colombia’s capital, Bogota, is considered one of the worst places to live in Colombia. The most perilous section within Soacha is District 4, commonly referred to as Altos Cazuca. This area grapples with widespread drug addiction and related criminal activities, with a significant portion of its residents living in impoverished conditions.

Nighttime is particularly hazardous due to the presence of various drug gangs who control the streets. Moreover, this district faces severe neglect, and the streets are often inhabited by numerous stray dogs, making it one of the worst places to live in Colombia.

Buenaventura: One the worst places to live in Colombia. (Photo: Cruise Mapper)

Next on the list is Buenaventura. While the Pacific Coast of Colombia offers several destinations to steer clear of, Buenaventura stands as the primary city in that region. Despite offering employment opportunities, amenities, transportation connections, and recreational activities, the city grapples with significant challenges, which includes being one the worst places to live in Colombia.

Due to its status as a prominent port city, Buenaventura serves as a major route for drug trafficking, attracting numerous criminals involved in the trade to reside there. Consequently, the city faces pressing issues of violence and theft, rendering it unsafe for solo nighttime outings. Most concerning, Buenaventura ranks among the worst places to live in Colombia, primarily due to its alarmingly high homicide rates.

Bogotá: One of the worst places to live in Colombia. (Photo: Lonely Planet)

Lastly, Bogotá. Bogotá has come a long way from its crime-ridden reputation in the 80s and 90s, with significant improvements in safety. While certain safety concerns persist, such as nighttime street safety, violent crimes against tourists have substantially decreased over the years.

Nevertheless, visiting Bogotá, one of the worst places to live in Colombia, can still be intimidating, and it’s advisable to exercise caution. Staying informed and planning ahead are essential steps to ensure your safety during your visit. This includes being aware of your location, having emergency contacts readily available, and having comprehensive travel insurance.

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