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Discover The Most Dangerous Cities in Montana – Is Yours on the List?

Most dangerous cities in Montana 2023. (Photo: Google)

Montana is widely known for its stunning landscapes, breathtaking mountains, and charming small towns. However, like every place on Earth, Montana is not immune to crime. If you’re wondering whether you live in Montana’s riskier cities, here’s the list of the most dangerous cities in Montana 2023. The analysis involved the FBI’s latest crime report, focusing on violent and property crime statistics in areas with over 2,000 residents. While Montana doesn’t have the highest crime rates in the country, there’s certainly room for improvement.

While some might assume that most of the state’s issues are concentrated in larger cities like Billings and Missoula, the problems are more evenly spread across the state. Although Montana doesn’t rank among the top ten most dangerous states nationally, the most dangerous cities in Montana still need attention. Solutions such as increasing the police presence, installing surveillance cameras, or enhancing drug rehabilitation programs could help address these concerns. One thing is clear: it’s wise to review the list of the most dangerous cities in Montana before making any major life decisions.

Ronan: One of the most dangerous cities in Montana. (Photo: Google)

First on the list of the most dangerous cities in Montana is Ronan. It is situated in the northwestern part of Montana, specifically within the Flathead Indian Reservation. Its modest has a population of just 2,141 individuals. However, when considering the per-person perspective, it becomes evident that Ronan grapples with an alarmingly elevated crime rate, making it as one of the most dangerous cities in Montana. In a single year, the city reported 66 property crimes and 20 violent crimes, earning it the dubious distinction of being the second most dangerous city in Montana.

Helena: One of the most dangerous cities in Montana. (Photo: Google)

Next on the list is Helena. It is familiar to every elementary school student as Montana’s political capital and it bears a somber distinction as the state’s capital of sexual assault. Despite its population of 33,629, the city reported the highest rate of rape in Montana, with 50 cases in a single year. Additionally, Helena, one the most dangerous cities in Montana, witnessed 216 instances of violent crime and 1,227 property crimes during the same period.

Greet Falls: One the most dangerous cities in Montana. (Photo: Google)

Lastly, Great Falls, one of the most dangerous cities in Montana, known for its scenic waterfalls, faces significant crime challenges. The city reports elevated rates of both violent and property crimes compared to similar-sized Montana cities. To address this, local authorities have implemented enhanced community policing and crime prevention initiatives. Great Falls grapples with a high property crime rate, making it the second most crime-ridden city in Montana, with 5,596 crimes per 100,000 people. In terms of violent crime, it ranks 12th in the state with 266 incidents reported annually.


Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, it’s crucial to take precautions to protect your belongings and stay vigilant, particularly during nighttime hours. Remember, personal safety starts with individual awareness and action. Stay Safe!

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