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The Most Dangerous Places in Idaho: Nightime Perils

Most Dangerous Places in Idoha. (Photo: Google)

Idaho is renowned for its low crime rates and tight-knit communities that foster safety. However, like any state, there are areas to be cautious about when walking or running after dark. In 2022, Idaho, despite its reputation, reported over 4,700 violent crimes and 32,452 property crimes according to the Idaho State Police’s Uniform Crime Reporting data, highlighting the presence of potential risks, even in what might be considered the most dangerous places in Idaho.

Here is the list of the most dangerous places in Idaho after dark:

Sandpoint: One of the most dangerous places in Idaho. (Photo: Google)

First on the list, Sandpoint. Despite its small-town ambiance, this tourist spot in Northern Idaho possesses the state’s highest rate of aggravated assault, as indicated by the latest FBI report. Nevertheless, Sandpoint, one of the most dangerous places in Idaho, is renowned as one of Idaho’s most charming small towns, offering remarkable outdoor escapades, excellent dining options, and impressive art galleries, among other attractions.


Twin Falls: One of the most dangerous places in Idaho. (Photo: Google)

Next on the list, Twin Falls. Twin Falls earns its position on the list due in part to its 1 in 196 odds of encountering a violent crime, as reported by Neighborhood Scout. However, the city is also recognized as a hub for illegal drugs. Historical data from the Idaho State Police reveals its consistent high ranking in terms of drug-related arrests and meth lab confiscations, making it as one of the most dangerous cities in Idaho.

When it comes to violent crimes, Twin Falls, as per Neighborhood Scout, registers as safer than 21% of cities and neighborhoods across the country, holding a crime rate of 5.09 incidents per 1,000 residents.

For those seeking secure locations for evening strolls, some of Twin Falls’ safest neighborhoods encompass Knull, Curry, McMillan, and the vicinity around the College of Southern Idaho.


Shoshone: One of the most dangerous places in Idaho. (Photo: Google)

Lastly, Shoshone. This small community located in Southern Idaho conceals a significant undisclosed fact.  Shoshone, one of the most dangerous places in Idaho, holds the highest rate of violent crimes in the state, offering a 1 in 114 likelihood of falling victim, as highlighted in our FBI report. Garden City closely follows as the second highest. However, the area has much more to offer. Interestingly, Shoshone, one of the most dangerous places in Idaho, has earned recognition for possessing one of the most underappreciated vistas in the United States.

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