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The Most Dangerous Places in Wyoming: Not for the Faint- Hearted!

Most Dangerous Places in Wyoming. (Photo: Google)

Wyoming, renowned for its safety, emerges as a prime choice for both visitors and residents. However, within its tranquil landscapes, the most dangerous places in Wyoming demand a vigilant approach. While a touch of common sense, strict adherence to signage, and a genuine respect for nature can defuse many potential dangers, the reality remains that not all choose to embrace these precautions.

Here are the list of the most dangerous places in Wyoming. Be Informed and Cautious!

US Highway 287: One of the most dangerous places in Wyoming. (Photo: Google)

First on the list, US Highway 287. According to Wyoming Magazine, U.S. Highway 287, one of the lengthiest routes across the country, holds the reputation of being among the perilous thoroughfares in the United States. The Wyoming stretch of this narrow, two-lane road, winding through the Medicine Bow Mountains and Laramie Mountains, has witnessed numerous unfortunate incidents and fatalities. The combination of inclement weather and limited visibility often contributes to these fatal accidents. Additionally, US Highway 287, most dangerous places in Wyoming, poses challenges for inexperienced teenage drivers due to its complexity. Despite these hazards, it remains one of the extensively traveled routes in the state.


Corbet’s Couloir: One of the most dangerous places in Wyoming. (Photo: Google)

Next on the list on the most dangerous places in Wyoming, Corbet’s Couloir. Forbes states that Corbet’s Couloir located in Jackson Hole holds the title of the most frightening ski slope in the United States. Its treacherous attribute lies in the tight entrance, funneling skiers into a vertical drop of two levels onto a slope with a 55-degree incline, demanding an immediate right turn to evade the nearby rocks.


Wheatland: One of the most dangerous places in Wyoming. (Photo: Google)

Lastly, the Wheatland. It is a community comprising 3,445 residents, positioned roughly an hour to the north via I-25 from Cheyenne. Wheatland, one of the most dangerous places in Wyoming, has shifted down by one position on this ranking from the previous year—a shift that stands out as the most notable alteration among all the places listed.

Wheatland, one of the most dangerous places in Wyoming, claimed the unfortunate distinction of having the highest burglary rate in Wyoming throughout 2020, underscoring the necessity of vigilance; it’s not the type of locale where leaving doors unlocked is advisable. Hopefully, the security measures at the Laramie Peak Museum are robust enough to deter any potential theft of historical artifacts from the frontier era.

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