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Most Dangerous Cities in Florida: Check If Your City Is On The List!

Most Dangerous Cities in Florida. (Photo: Google)

Florida offers year-round outdoor living, particularly attractive to those who love boating. It has rich in history and features exceptional wildlife. However, just like in any other country Florida also has concern with the safety and security of the state. In a recent safety ranking of states, Florida secured the 21st spot, implying a middling level of safety. In 2016, the police department of Florida state documented a total of 1,111 fatalities classified as homicides. This corresponds to a murder rate of 5 per 1,000 inhabitants, a figure quite proximate to the national average. It is also noteworthy that Florida harbors the 3rd and 5th most dangerous cities in the United States.

Here are the list of the most dangerous cities in Florida:

Florida City: One of the most dangerous cities in Florida. (Photo: Google)

First on the list, Florida City. It is notably as one of the most dangerous cities in Florida and the most violent one, marked by a safety rating of -3.66. As indicated by FBI crime data, the city’s crime rate reaches 126 crimes per one thousand residents, ranking it not only among the riskiest cities within the state but also within the entire nation. Several intertwined factors contribute to the city’s precariousness. The likelihood of experiencing a violent crime as a victim stands at nearly 1 in 43, reflecting a concerning statistic.

The increase in violent crimes can be attributed in part to the more lenient gun laws in the region, facilitating accessibility to firearms and subsequently fostering an environment conducive to violent acts. Moreover, the city faces a significant poverty rate, with levels reaching as high as 41.2%, further complicating the safety dynamics of the area.


Opa-Locka: One of the most dangerous cities in Florida. (Photo: Google)

Next is Opa-Locka. It is a relatively small city near Miami, emerges as one of the most dangerous cities in Florida. It holds a safety rating of -2.93, accompanied by a crime rate of 78 crimes per one thousand residents. Despite the elevated crime levels, the city’s proximity to Miami offers access to picturesque beaches, albeit with a reminder to prioritize safety while traveling. Opa-Locka, one of the most dangerous cities in Florida, exhibits a comparatively lower poverty rate than Florida City, with 50.9% of its population living below the poverty line.


Tallahassee: One of the most dangerous cities in Florida. (Photo: Google)

Lastly, the capital city of Florida, Tallahassee. It ranks as one of the hazardous urban areas within the state and occasionally secures a spot as one of the most dangerous cities in Florida and making it into top ten list of unsafe cities. Information sources indicate that Tallahassee’s crime rate exceeds that of 92% of cities across the United States. Among the problematic neighborhoods in Tallahassee are Perkins, The Gardens at Westlake, Terrance Heights, Providence, and Falls Chase, among various others. Notably, both property and violent crime rates in Tallahassee surpass the state averages by a considerable margin.

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