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Most Dangerous Cities in Missouri – Check If Your City Is On The List!

Most Dangerous Cities in Missouri. (Photo: Google)

Missourians considered Missouri as their home. They take pride of their state as it is brimming with pure natural beauty. However, Missourians also understand that Missouri has a fair of problems. According to FBI report, there are violence and property crime rates that are above the national average and still on the rise. These increasing number continue to affect many of Missouri’s largest cities.

If you’re living in Missouri or contemplating a move there, or even if you’re intending to relocate to Missouri, take a look of this compilation of the most dangerous cities in Missouri in 2023, according to FBI statistic, before making any major decisions in your life.

Springfield: One of the most dangerous cities in Missouri. (Photo: Google)

First on the list, Springfield. Having a population of 168,537 residents, Springfield claims the lead among the most dangerous cities in Missouri. Instances of violent crimes amounted to 2,218, comprising 1,574 cases of aggravated assaults, 333 rape incidents, 295 robberies, and 16 homicides. Meanwhile, property-related offenses tallied up to 11,830, with larceny/theft constituting the majority. Despite these challenges, the city boasts its own advantages, such as hosting one of the state’s most distinctive tours.


St. Louis: One of the most dangerous cities in Missouri. (Photo: Google)

Next is St. Louis. It is known for the Gateway Arch, is infamous for its high crime rates, topping the list as one of the most dangerous cities in Missouri. It is considered as a most violent city with 6,017 reported incidents of rape, murder, robbery, and assault in 2020. It holds the second-highest murder rate in the state, with homicides occurring nearly every other day throughout the year.

Car thefts in St. Louis, one of the most dangerous cities in Missouri, are also a concern, with 3,221 reported cases in 2020, just a fraction of the 17,399 property crimes committed. The city is also known for the notorious “St. Louis Exorcism” case of 1949, which inspired “The Exorcist” novel and film. This involved a series of exorcisms on a young boy believed to be possessed by demons.

Branson: One of the most dangerous cities in Missouri. (Photo: Google)

Lastly, Branson. It is recognized as one of the most popular summer destinations in Missouri, also features on the list of the most dangerous cities in Missouri. Despite its relatively small population of 11,589, Branson reported 85 incidents of violent crime in 2018. These included 65 aggravated assaults, 10 robberies, and 10 rapes. In terms of property crimes, the total reached 1,244, with 999 falling under the category of larceny/theft.

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