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Most Dangerous Cities in Wisconsin: A Quick Look

Green Bay serves the state's famous tourist destination. (Photo: ISTOCK)

In a state known for its rural and safe image, there’s no denying that its most perilous cities have shifted away from the past practice of the locals of leaving the door unlocked. These three largest cities have the highest crime rates in Wisconsin. 


Milwaukee: The state’s largest city largest city. (Photo: Milwaukee Magazine)

The first on the list, Milwaukee. Milwaukee has a rich history evident in the number of historic buildings and neighborhoods and is considered as the largest city in Wisconsin. Milwaukee, regrettably, also holds as one of the most dangerous cities in Wisconsin. Although non-violent crime like property crime isn’t as rampant in Milwaukee, the city still continues to have high violent crime rates like murder, rape, robbery, and assault despite the authority’s efforts to reform. 


Appleton: The state’s center of transportation. (Photo: URBAN MATTER)

Next up, Appleton. Appleton is known for its vibrant transportation center encompassing air, rail, and bus networks, alongside its closeness to significant highways. Even with having a lively schedule of public events and points of interest for tourists, for the past few years, the general crime rates have decreased to lower than the average. However, some tourist still considers this city as one of the most dangerous cities in Wisconsin due to the continues concerns regarding significant crimes such as assault and theft. Relatively, in 2019, the city experienced a minor rise in specific crime types like assaults and rapes, creating a contrast with the declining rates observed at the state level.


Green Bay serves the state’s famous tourist destination. (Photo: ISTOCK)

Lastly, the Green Bay. Green Bay serves as a destination for tourists, linked to the state by important roadways. The city is home to educational institutions, colleges, and the well-known Green Bay Packers NFL team, famous for their stadium, Lambeau Field. Despite these appealing features, Green Bay has a poverty rate that is higher than the state average of 11.3%, which could exacerbate property crime. Violent crimes, including assaults and rapes, have also increased more recently than they typically do in the state. While there has not been a substantial reduction in crime rates recently, they seem to have stabilized instead of undergoing significant declines.

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