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Spider-Man: No Way Home is getting an official tie-in LEGO set!

Spider-Man No Way Home

Spider-Man: No Way Home is getting an official tie-in LEGO set that gives lots of new information about the film. Merchandise from the film is slowly emerging in the market while it being only several months away from hitting theatres. But while they are not accurate, they can be a good source of additional information regarding the film.

Sony and Marvel Studios on Spider-Man has come a long way since it was first announced in 2015. Holland can be seen in five films, including two Avengers projects and two standalone adventures. Now he will return to 3rd solo outing, which could be his last. Although the film has wrapped production a while ago, there’s been a scarcity of official news regarding the film. As rumours are a concern, the film would be a live-action attempt at the Spider-Verse narrative with Andrew Garfield, and Tobey Maguire set to make an appearance. From previous Spider-Man outings, a series of villains are also rumoured to be involved.

Currently, there is no indication that the teaser/trailer for the film will release soon. The new LEGO tie-in set is giving the audience something to talk about.

Spider-Man Has A New Suit – The 1st striking detail from the film LEGO set is the reveal of Spider-Man’s new suit. The box also features a more extensive and more detailed image of the costume. The armour seems like a mix of the Iron Spider suit and the film’s final suit. Peter created his armour with the help of Happy Hogan using Stark Technology, resulting in the black and red costume that he wore against Mysterio.

MJ Visit and Peter Parker The Sanctum Sanctorum – The main backdrop of the film’s set is the Sanctum Sanctorum, in New York Doctor Strange’s base, as confirmed by the collection’s name: Spider-Man at the Sanctum Sanctorum. The sorcerer and Peter worked closely together fighting Thanos on Titan in Infinity War, to the Bleecker Street property the young hero has never been. As seen in the toy set, he and his girlfriend will find themselves in the Sanctum Sanctorum.

The Eye Of Agamotto Doctor Strange Already Has – Doctor Strange is left without the Time Stone on the heels of the Infinity Saga. The Eye of Agamotto questioning how this would affect his ability to continue as the leader of the Masters of the Mystic Arts. There is an explanation that in Doctor Stange in the Multiuniverse of Madness, he’ll reacquire his most potent weapon. The Sam Raimi-directed film, the official wrap gift for confirmed this. As revealed in the film’s LEGO set, the sorcerer already has the powerful necklace during his team-up with Peter.

Wong Will Appear – Before the official title for the film was revealed, MCU architect Kevin Feige already confirmed that it would have narrative links to Doctor Strange in the Multiuniverse of Madness. But it was not clear that Doctor Strange will appear, but the LEGO collection reveals he makes an appearance. The film will also feature Wong, judging from the toy set.

Peter Could Still Deal With Spider-Man: Far From Home’s Fallout – The film, as compared to Spider-Man: No Way Home, appears to be tackling set up an entirely different sequel. The new LEGO set suggests that the fallout of Mysterio’s scheme will still factor into the MCU Phase 4 multi-universe threequel. 


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