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Actors Leaving FBI: International After Its Season 3 Premiere Episode

Photo: Google

FBI: International’s season 3 premiere episode served as a farewell for one of its main characters. Another regular actor appearing in season 1 and 2 is not expected to appear in season 3.

Heida Reed’s Jamie Kellett character on FBI: International (Photo: Google)

Who’s Leaving FBI: International Starting Season 3?

Premier episode of season 3 became a farewell for one of the FBI: International’s main character, Jamie Kellett. Heida Reed, the actor, posted a couple of behind-the-scenes photos on her official Instagram page and she captioned it thanking the fans with “Agent Kellet out”. Reported by The Direct, her character was announced to be transferred to Washington D.C. and original report claimed that Reed is leaving due to creative reasons.

Christine Paul’s Katrin Jaeger is a season 1 regular character, but she was downgraded into having a guest appearance in the season 2. Moreover, she is not expected to be seen in the future episodes.

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Showrunner Derek Haas Has Stepped Down

Not only actors will be leaving FBI: International. Before the third season’s release, it’s showrunner Derek Haas will be leaving his executive role, reported by The Direct. He’ll be replaced by Matt Olmstead, who is the co-creator and previous showrunner of Chicago P.D.

There is no bitterness between Hass and CBS or Wolf Entertainment. Haas just wants to pursue creating other TV shows.

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