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Three Unclaimed Lottery Jackpots Exceeding $1 Million, Deadline Approaches Swiftly

An image of a lottery ticket | Alamy

If you have the winning numbers, you may be worth millions of dollars.

It is recommended that lottery players nationwide verify their tickets for unclaimed jackpots over $1 million.

The dates are drawing near, so if no one steps forward, the awards will expire.

There’s still a massive $1 million available for grabs in New Jersey.

At the Caba Grocery store in Perth Amboy, one winning ticket for the Mega Millions draw on November 21 was sold.

The ticket did not land the Mega Ball, number 24, even though it matched all five numbers—17, 22, 25, 30, and 3.

However, no one from the Garden State has declared themselves the victor.

New Jersey lottery winners have 365 days from the drawing date to redeem their winnings.

$1 MILLION in Kansas
When the legitimate owner of a winning Mega Millions ticket steps forward, Kansas will have a new millionaire.

The Kansas Lottery has not revealed the precise location of the winning ticket; however, it was bought in southeast Kansas for the drawing that took place on January 10.

All five of the numbers on this ticket—13, 14, 15, 18, and 7—matched; however, the Mega Ball—9—was not hit.

One year has passed since the draw date for the winner to pick up their reward.

This indicates that they have little over a month to make their move.

CONNECTICUT: $1,6,000,000
A fortunate player in Connecticut is about to get a sizable Christmas payout.

A lottery ticket that won! The draw took place on Friday, November 17, at a Newington Citgo gas station.

All three of the numbers on the ticket—11, 15, 28, 32, and 40—matched.

The legitimate ticket holder has just 180 days from the draw date to redeem their rewards under Connecticut Lottery regulations.

Recall that participating in the lottery is a type of gambling and needs to be done sensibly.

Lottery Winner’s Rollercoaster: ‘Just About Passed Out’ at $5M Jackpot, Walks Away with $3.9M After Tough Decision

After winning a $5 million lottery, a man had to make a tough choice about his money and almost passed out.

The fortunate winner of the top prize in Virginia’s 100X the Money lottery this year became the first individual to do so.

A $30 100X the Money scratch-off ticket was purchased and scratched by Tracy Neff of Lee County, Virginia.

The game provides the biggest prize in Virginia, valued at $5 million.

Neff purchased the ticket at Pennington Gap’s Black Diamond Market.

He was startled to see he had won when he scratched it.

Neff said to Virginia Lottery authorities, “I just about passed out!”

But Neff chose to remain silent rather than announce his windfall to the world.

Two choices were presented to him by lottery authorities when he went to claim his rewards.

He had the choice to accept a one-time cash payout of $3,125,000 or the whole reward of $5 million, which would be paid out in yearly installments over a 30-year period.

Neff chose to accept the payment in full.

He will receive less than $3,125,000 after taxes, but still in one payment.

Neff became the first jackpot winner of the 100X the Money game this year with his winning ticket.

There are still two rewards of $5 million.

Players in the 100X the Money game have thirty opportunities to win.

You will receive a reward if any of the winning numbers match yours.

However, unique symbols and multipliers might point to a larger prize value.

The value of the prizes is $30–$5 million.

Lottery Players Have One Remaining Chance to Win $25 Million Prize as Second Jackpot Winner Steps Forward

The highest-paying scratch-off card game in Massachusetts has had two of its three $25 million jackpot awards claimed.

On Wednesday, state lottery authorities said that a second winner of the “Billion Dollar Extravaganza” game had emerged.

With tickets costing $50 apiece, the most expensive scratch-off game in the state has only one top prize remaining for participants.

However, the scratch-off offers participants a 1 in 4 chance of winning, which is better odds than any other state lottery game.

The second jackpot winner’s identity is still unknown; a proxy received the award on his behalf.

Attorney Thomas Percy told CBS News that the winner “made a little extra money” before purchasing the ticket, allowing him to splurge on the game.

A Red’s on Brayton Avenue in Fall River, which will get a bonus of $50,000 for selling the game, is where the winning ticket was bought.

$16,250,000 was paid to Percy on behalf of the winner.

State lottery officials released a statement, saying, “Percy said the winner is a kind and thoughtful person who is looking to do the right things in life, and winning this prize will help them accomplish this.”

“He described the winner as a family person, humble, and very appreciative,” they said.

A trust agent also won the first jackpot reward in the “Billion Dollar Extravaganza” back in August.

Massachusetts does not enable lottery winners to be anonymous outright, but it does allow them to conceal their names through trusts.

State lottery winners have the option to establish a trust and choose a trustee to collect the winnings and deposit them into an account that the winner may access.

“A trust or other legal entity that meets the requirements of being considered a legal person may claim prizes,” said Mark William Bracken, Executive Director of the Massachusetts State Lottery, in an interview with MassLive’s local reporters.

“The trustee’s or legal representative’s identity is disclosed to the public.”

He stated, “We have seen an increase in the number of large prizes claimed by trusts over the last several years.”

When the winners came forward, trusts also represented the other two large lottery winners in Massachusetts this year, who won $33 million and $31 million in jackpots from the Mega Millions games sold by the same retailer.

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