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Where to Buy Thieves’ Tools from Lockpick Vendors in Baldur’s Gate 3: Check This Out!

Where to buy Thieves' Tool in Baldur's Gate 3! (Photo: Google)

Tired of finding where to buy Thieves’ Tools in Baldur’s Gate 3? Here’s where to buy Thieves’ Tool in Baldur’s Gate 3!

Where to buy Thieves’ Tools from Lockpick Vendors in Baldur’s Gate 3 during Acts 1, 2, and 3. (Photo: The Nerd Stash)

Unlocking the Secret: Where to buy Thieves Tools and Lockpicking in Baldur’s Gate 3

Thieves’ Tools comprise a collection of various instruments like hooks, picks, and wrenches, meticulously crafted for the purpose of unlocking locks, assuming you have the necessary expertise. These implements enable you to open locks based on your proficiency in Sleight of Hand. However, pinpointing where to buy the Thieves’ Tools across all three Acts of Baldur’s Gate 3 can be puzzling due to the shifting locations of vendors. Here’s the information on where to buy Thieves’ Tools from a Lockpick Vendor in Act 1, 2, and 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Always have Thieves’ Tools at your disposal in Baldur’s Gate 3 with the provided locations. However, if a vendor is elusive, your in-game decisions might have caused them to be abducted, perish, or become absent entirely. Furthermore, if a particular vendor lacks Thieves’ Tools, you can replenish their inventory by achieving a level up or undergoing a Long Rest.

Do you want to know where to Buy Thieves’ Tools in Act 1?

Here’s where to buy Thieves’ Tools in Act 1:

  • Aaron: He is located in Druid Grove at Coordinates (X:205, Y:487).
  • Brem: He is located at Zentarim Basement at Coordinates (X298, Y:-249).
  • Cyrel: She is located in Toll House at Coordinates (X:10, Y:551).
  • Derryth Bonecloak: She is located in Myconid Colony at Coordinates (X:55, Y:-95).
  • Mattis: She is located in Druid Grove at Coordinates (X:239, Y:552).
  • Roah Moonglow: You can find her in the Shattered Sanctum at Coordinates (X:256, Y:-36).

Do you want to know where to Buy Thieves’ Tools in Act 2?

Here’s where to buy Thieves’ Tools in Act 2:

  • Roah Moonglow: You can buy three Thieves’ Tools from her in Moonrise Tower at Coordinates (X:-175, Y:-175).

Do you want to know where to Buy Thieves’ Tools in Act 3?

Here’s where to buy Thieves’ Tools in Act 3:

  • Glynda Oltower: She will sell 4 Thieves’ Tools and Trap Disarm Kits. She is located before the second checkpoint in the South Span of Wyrm’s Crossing at Coordinates (X:0, Y:142).
  • Roah Moonglow: You will find her during Jahira’s companion quest after the robbery. She will be speaking to Minsc.
  • Sticky Dondo: He is located in the Guildhall which is located in the sewers at Coordinates (X:62, Y:-100). Once inside the Guildhall, you can find him at Coordinates (X:-15, Y:755).

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How to lockpick doors and chests in Baldur’s Gate 3

The process of lockpicking in Baldur’s Gate 3 involves using thieves’ tools. On PC, you hover over locked doors or chests to reveal a lock symbol, indicating the need for lockpicking. A red symbol signifies potential trouble for theft. Right-clicking a locked object presents a submenu with a lockpicking option.

Successful lockpicking requires a dexterity check, particularly for characters skilled in sleight of hand. If lacking dexterity, employing Astarion, a Rogue character, for lockpicking is recommended.

Transfer thieves’ tools to them before attempting the task.

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