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Amazon introduces its 2nd generation pair of Echo Buds!

Source: The Verge

Amazon has introduced its 2nd generation pair of Echo Buds, the improvised version of the originals with a more comfortable design. They are now 20% smaller and improve the quality of active noise cancellation. But Amazon is staying predatory pricing. It is charging $119.99 for the earbuds and a USB-C charging case and $139.99 for an upgraded case with wireless charging. Both are being discounted for a limited time. The regular set price under $100 to $99.99, with the wireless charging pair costing $119.99. On May 13th, the new Echo Buds will be released.

Details about the 2nd generation pair of Echo Buds –

Amazon has shrunk the Echo Buds and made comfort focus design changes. Vented designs are now available to reduce unwanted ear pressure, and the nozzle is also shortened so that it doesn’t sit as deep in the ear canal, and for a more flush fit, the external depth has been reduced. The ear tips are now oval-shaped, and two sizes of optional wingtips in the box are there. The outer facing exterior is now all matte instead of a glossy touch surface. Amazon has slapped its logo onto the earbuds, and in addition to black, now they come in white in color.

With the 1st Echo Buds, Amazon said it borrowed some of Bose’s noise-reduction technology. But this time, it is doing all by itself. As per the update from the company, the 2nd-gen earbuds cancel twice as much noise as before. The amount of noise one wants to come through can be adjusted when in pass-through mode. According to the press release by the company, sound quality has also seen some improvements.

According to the company, the 2nd-gen Echo Buds are rated IPX4 for sweat and water, which means it covers light rain and any exercise. Microphones on these earbuds are improved one, and there are three on each bud. They can capture lower frequencies which helps in better quality for voice calls. In mono mode, each bud can be used standalone. Batter life is estimated to be 5 hours of listening with noise cancellation enabled. In this case, two additional full charges for a total of 15 hours. If the battery is low, charging over USB-C for 15 minutes should go for 2 hours. 


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