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448-Year Prison Sentence for Denver Man in Human Trafficking Case: Longest Ever Imposed on Convicted Trafficker in the US!

Denver Man Sentenced to 448 Years in Landmark Human Trafficking Case

Exploitation and Violence: Hawkins’ Crimes Span Three Years, Target Multiple Victims

According to True Crime News, Robert Hawkins a man from Denver has received an unprecedented sentence of 448 years in prison for his involvement in trafficking multiple women and children along with other serious offenses. This sentencing believed to be the longest ever given to a convicted human trafficker in the United States follows Hawkins’ conviction on 18 charges including five related to human trafficking, pimping, sexual assault, and exploitation. Denver District Attorney Beth McCann revealed that Hawkins exploited his victims over three years from 2018 to 2021, exploiting their vulnerabilities and subjecting them to physical violence while profiting from their exploitation.

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448-Year Prison Sentence for Denver Man in Human Trafficking Case: Longest Ever Imposed on Convicted Trafficker in the US! (PHOTO: KDVR)

Pattern of Abuse and Violence: Hawkins’ Exploitation of Victims Exposed in Investigation

The investigation into Hawkins’ crimes began in December 2019 unveiling a disturbing pattern of manipulation and abuse inflicted upon his victims. One victim initially engaged with Hawkins to sell drugs but soon found herself ensnared in an intimate relationship with him. Hawkins coerced her into advertising herself and subjected her to financial exploitation, violence, and threats ultimately resulting in her assault and near-strangulation. The harrowing details of Hawkins’ control extended to other victims including minors who were forced to meet specific quotas and serve him under threats and manipulation.

Denver authorities revealed Hawkins’ severe actions such as shooting a sex buyer in 2019. McCann described Hawkins as selfish showing how vulnerable people are to human traffickers. This highlights the urgent need for strong enforcement against such crimes. With this historic sentence justice has been delivered sending a strong warning to anyone who might exploit society’s most vulnerable members.

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