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64-Year-Old Woman Severely Injured by Dog Attack in Sulphur, Louisiana: 37-Year-Old Man Arrested and Facing Charges!


Dog Attack Leaves Woman Hospitalized in Sulphur, Louisiana

Pitbull Mix Breaks Free from Leash, Inflicts Severe Injuries on Woman

According to FOX8 Local First, a man has been arrested after his dog viciously attacked a woman in Sulphur, Louisiana resulting in severe injuries that required admission to hospital. The incident occurred on June 2nd near Sulphur Plaza when Elsa Davila attempted to give money to a man begging nearby. The dog described as a Pitbull mix, broke free from its leash and attacked Davila causing serious injuries to her face. Davila’s daughter Savanna Gonzales recounted the horrifying event which turned an act of kindness into a traumatic experience for her mother. Michelle Garcia another of Davila’s daughters expressed shock at the severity of the attack noting that while she enjoys scary movies witnessing such an event in real life was far more terrifying.

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64-Year-Old Woman Severely Injured by Dog Attack in Sulphur, Louisiana: 37-Year-Old Man Arrested and Facing Charges! (PHOTO: Wales Online)

Davila’s Daughters Offer Support Amidst Traumatic Recovery

Davila was immediately transported to a hospital in New Orleans, where she underwent plastic surgery to address the damage inflicted by the dog. Her daughters Michelle Garcia and Savanna Gonzales described the devastating aftermath. Davila is currently unable to speak or eat solid food due to her injuries communicating with nurses through text or written notes. Despite the severity of the attack Davila is maintaining a positive outlook. However, the psychological impact has been significant with Davila experiencing nightmares and anxiety about returning home to her own dog. Her daughters are supporting her through this challenging recovery process highlighting their mother’s strength and resilience despite the trauma.

Kyle Smith, 37, is facing charges after his dog attacked Elsa Davila. The charges include trespassing, cruelty to animals, and unlawful ownership of a vicious dog. Michelle Garcia who works nearby said the dog had previously caused problems like growling at customers which led to its relocation. The dog is now held at Sulphur Animal Control while the incident is investigated. This incident highlights the need for responsible pet ownership. The community is focused on supporting Davila’s recovery and preventing similar incidents in the future.

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