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8-Year-Old Family Friend Allegedly Molested: Former Busch Gardens Employee in Hillsborough County Arrested

Former Busch Gardens Employee Arrested for Allegedly Molesting 8-Year-Old Family Friend: Disturbing Charges Unveiled

Former Busch Gardens Employee Arrested for Inappropriate Contact with 8-Year-Old Family Friend

According to True Crime News, a former Busch Gardens employee Douglas McGee has been arrested on multiple charges after allegedly molesting an 8-year-old family friend. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office was made aware of the situation on June 4. McGee who worked as a Busch Gardens employee part-time as a park quality supervisor was accused of sexually assaulting the child and engaging in inappropriate contact. Reports indicate that the Busch Gardens employee McGee aged 34 was close to the victim’s family and had given the child a cellphone. Allegedly he used this device for inappropriate messaging. He admitted to authorities about engaging in inappropriate text messages, touching, and sexual battery. Following the investigation McGee was apprehended on June 5. He is accused of many counts of lewd or sexual molestation against a victim under the age of twelve unauthorized use of a two-way communications device transmitting harmful material to a kid and sexual battery against a victim under the age of twelve. McGee is being held without bond at the Hillsborough County Jail at the moment. “Preying upon an innocent child and exploiting their vulnerability is deeply disturbing. My heart goes out to this child who was victimized by such a reprehensible individual” said Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister expressing his profound concern.

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8-Year-Old Family Friend Allegedly Molested: Former Busch Gardens Employee in Hillsborough County Arrested (PHOTO: Yahoo)

Busch Gardens Responds to Former Employee’s Arrest for Molesting 8-Year-Old

Furthermore, Busch Gardens released a statement denouncing the former Busch Gardens employee’s actions in reaction to the claims. They assured the public that they are treating the situation seriously and underlined that McGee’s charges have nothing to do with his work at the park. They also verified that McGee is no longer working for the company. The community is incensed and concerned about the situation. Anyone with knowledge on this case is being urged by the authorities to come forward. In the meanwhile measures are being taken to guarantee the victim’s and their family’s safety and well-being at this trying period. The goal of the investigation is still to bring the victim’s crimes to justice and stop such atrocities from happening in the future.

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