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5 Victims, 3 New Murders Charged of Rex Heuermann with Additional Killings, Investigation Uncovers Chilling Details and Evidence of Pre-Meditated Crimes!

Additional Murders Linked to Gilgo Beach Suspect Through New DNA Evidence

Harrowing Details Reveal Calculated Approach in Long-Running Series of Killings

According to True Crime News Rex Heuermann, a suspect in the infamous Gilgo Beach murders now faces additional charges after a significant development in the investigation. On June 6, Suffolk County District Attorney Raymond Tierney announced new indictments against Heuermann for the murders of Sandra Costilla in 1993 and Jessica Taylor in 2003. Heuermann an architect was already accused of killing Melissa Barthelemy, Megan Waterman, and Amber Lynn Costello. These victims’ bodies were found near Gilgo Beach between 2010 and 2011. The latest charges are based on DNA evidence and detailed investigations linking Heuermann to the earlier murders of Costilla and Taylor. Authorities believe this new evidence will strengthen the case against him painting a more comprehensive picture of his alleged criminal activities over several decades.

The investigation into Heuermann’s crimes has uncovered harrowing details about the murders. Jessica Taylor went missing on July 19, 2003, in New York City, and her dismembered body was found a few days later on Halsey Manor Road. Her head and hands were discovered years later near Gilgo Beach. A witness saw a dark-colored pickup truck near where Taylor’s body was dumped. Records confirm that Heuermann bought a dark green Chevrolet Avalanche in 2002. DNA evidence, including a hair found under Taylor’s body, strongly linked Heuermann to the crime. Similarly, Sandra Costilla’s mutilated remains were found in 1993. DNA from her body also pointed to Heuermann. Authorities suggest Heuermann selected his victims when his family was out of town indicating a calculated approach to his killings. This pattern of evidence aligns with the profile of a premeditated serial killer.

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5 Victims, 3 New Murders Charged of Rex Heuermann with Additional Killings, Investigation Uncovers Chilling Details and Evidence of Pre-Meditated Crimes! (PHOTO: CNN)

Detailed Murder Plans Found in Suspect’s Home Highlight Methodical Approach

During a search of Heuermann’s home investigators found over 350 electronic devices containing violent and disturbing content, including bondage and torture pornography dating back to 1994. Among the discoveries was a Microsoft Word document that meticulously detailed his plans for the murders. This “planning document” included sections on problems, supplies, dump sites, and targets. The list of supplies mentioned gruesome items such as acid, ropes, cutting tools, and body wash. The document outlined specific steps for preparing the bodies removing identifying marks and disposing of the remains. This evidence suggests that Heuermann approached his crimes with a chilling level of organization and precision. While Heuermann has pleaded not guilty to all charges the detailed plans and DNA evidence significantly bolster the prosecution’s case providing a clearer understanding of his alleged methods and motives.

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