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2 More Murders: Rex Heuermann Timeline in Gilgo Beach Killings

Rex Heuermann Has Two More Murder Charges in Gilgo Beach Killings Unveil Decades-Long Spree

Two Additional Murders Add to Haunting Timeline of South Shore Violence

According to Forbes, in a chilling turn of events Rex Heuermann a 60-year-old architect from Long Island has been charged with two more murders deepening the shadow of suspicion cast upon him in a case that has gripped the nation. The timeline of these gruesome events dates back decades revealing a haunting pattern of violence along the South Shore. The earliest known victim Sandra Costilla was found in the Hamptons in November 1993 long before the string of bodies emerged near Gilgo Beach. Rex Heuermann now stands accused of her murder hinting at a spree that may have spanned years. The case gained widespread attention in May 2010 when the search for Shannan Gilbert a sex worker led to the discovery of multiple remains near Gilgo Beach. Among them were Melissa Barthelemy, Maureen Brainard-Barnes, Megan Waterman, and Amber Costello all missing for varying lengths of time. Further horror unfolded in March 2011 when police unearthed the partial skeletal remains of Jessica Taylor another sex worker whose fate had remained unknown since 2003. The investigation took a grim turn in April 2011 with the discovery of more bodies including that of a toddler sending shockwaves through the community.

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2 More Murders: Rex Heuermann Timeline in Gilgo Beach Killings (PHOTO: ABC7)

From Emerging Suspect to Additional Murder Charges in Gilgo Beach Case, Community Grapples with Justice

Even after some time passed the search for justice kept going. In May 2020 they identified Valerie Mack who went missing in 2000 while working as an escort in Philadelphia. This discovery brought some comfort to Mack’s family during a chaotic time. In February 2022 authorities took stronger action by setting up the Gilgo Beach Homicide Investigation Task Force. Rex Heuermann became a suspect the next month due to evidence found through science and electronic records. It took until July 2023 to locate Rex Heuermann after years of speculation and he was charged with the murders near Gilgo Beach. In August 2023 they confirmed that one victim previously unnamed was Karen Vergata missing since 1996. When Rex Heuermann was accused in January 2024 of Maureen Brainard-Barnes’ 2007 murder it brought new attention to the case. Now in June 2024 Rex Heuermann faces more charges for the killings of Jessica Taylor and Sandra Costilla showing the shocking scale of his alleged crimes. The community is still deeply affected by these terrible acts as the legal process moves forward discussing reasons and fairness in the midst of deep sadness.

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