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28-Year-Old Sentenced to 25½ Years in Prison for Executing 28-Year-Old Father of Four in St. Paul Basement Murder!

A Tragic Loss: Siblings Address Court Over Execution-Style Murder

Assailant Sentenced: Tevon Antowon King Receives 25½ Years for Violent Crime

According to Twin Cities nearly a year following Harmon’s tragic death, his siblings addressed the court conveying the deep anguish they still endure. Raquel Lopez tearfully recounted her brother’s violent demise underscoring the heartache of losing him to unfathomable violence. Tevon Antowon King the assailant, received a 25½-year prison sentence for the execution-style murder of Harmon a father of four slain in his St. Paul basement on June 6, 2023. At 28 years old King pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and first-degree burglary as part of a plea agreement. Despite citing drug use or mental health issues during the crime King acknowledged sufficient evidence for conviction. His apprehension occurred shortly after a home invasion nearby where he exhibited threatening behavior, prompting a SWAT team response. Investigators linked King to Harmon’s murder through forensic evidence and witness accounts.

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28-Year-Old Sentenced to 25½ Years in Prison for Executing 28-Year-Old Father of Four in St. Paul Basement Murder! (PHOTO: KSTP)

Addressing the Root Causes: Courtroom Proceedings Shine Light on Broader Community Issues

The courtroom proceedings unveiled King’s turbulent past marked by mental health battles substance abuse and concerning conduct leading to the tragedy. Harmon’s brother Felix Lopez depicted his sibling’s compassionate character and the profound impact of his untimely passing on their family. Describing Harmon as a beacon of light whose life was unjustly extinguished by a cowardly act Lopez lamented the irreplaceable void left by Harmon’s absence spotlighting the devastating repercussions of gun violence in their community.

The court proceedings highlighted broader issues like mental health, substance abuse, and gun violence in communities. King’s troubled history and actions before the crime showed the need for better support and intervention for those facing similar challenges. King’s sentencing reminds us of the serious consequences of violence and the importance of addressing factors that lead to such tragedies. Harmon’s family’s statements emphasized the long-lasting impact of his death and the effects of gun violence on families and communities stressing the need for preventive measures and support systems to avoid similar incidents.

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