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3 Lives Lost in Montgomery Shooting: Tienda Los Hermanos Tragedy Amid Robbery Spree

Tragic Shooting Claims 3 Lives at Tienda Los Hermanos

Community Mourns Loss of George Elijah Jr., Daniel Lopez, and Romero Lopez – Montgomery Shooting

According to Fox News, the terrible things that happened in Montgomery, Alabama on Tuesday night have made everyone there very sad and shocked. At Tienda Los Hermanos a favorite local store three Americans were shot and killed during the Montgomery shooting: George Elijah Jr., Daniel Lopez, and Romero Lopez. They weren’t just names on a list they were hardworking members of the community with families and dreams. Americans soon realized that this wasn’t the first time something like the Montgomery shooting had happened. It was part of a worrying trend of robberies targeting Latino-owned businesses in the city. This has made everyone in the community feel scared and unsure as they try to cope with the loss of lives and the increase in crime. Mayor Steven Reed was very upset by of the Montgomery shooting. He said he was sorry and condemned the violence strongly. He said it was wrong for Americans who were just trying to work and support their families to suffer like this. He promised to work hard with the police to catch the Americans responsible and make sure nothing like this happens again. The police are working really hard to find out what happened. They’re looking into whether this is connected to other recent crimes against Latino-owned businesses nearby. They hope this will help them understand why these terrible things are happening.

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3 Lives Lost in Montgomery Shooting: Tienda Los Hermanos Tragedy Amid Robbery Spree (PHOTO: Yelp)

Montgomery Shooting Spurs Unity

The sad event brought the community together making Americans want to work together and take action. Outside the store there are flowers and candles to remember the Americans who died and remind everyone that things need to change. Councilman Oronde Mitchell said that Hispanic-owned businesses are often targeted because they deal with cash. He said we need to trust the police more to stop this kind of crime. Some Americans are worried that the police don’t respond quickly enough when Latinos call for help. Acting Police Chief John Hall said they are working on making the police respond faster. After the sad event everyone in the city wants to do something about it. Leaders, police, and regular Americans are all working together to make the city safer. The loss of three lives is a big reminder that we need to do more to stop crime and help those who are at risk.

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