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West Virginia Man Kayce Simms Sentenced to Life in Prison for Fatal Shooting Over Grandmother Disrespect

West Virginia Man Receives Life Sentence for Fatal Shooting Triggered by Grandmother Disrespect

Kayce Simms of West Virginia Gets Life Term for Murder Over Grandmother Disrespect

According to True Crime Daily, a West Virginia man Kayce Simms has been given a harsh punishment for causing the death of another person. He will spend many years behind bars because he shot and killed someone named Ashtin Owens. This happened because Owens had been disrespectful to Kayce Simms’ grandmother. The judge Thomas Ewing made the decision that Kayce Simms will stay in prison for the rest of his life because of what he did. Kayce Simms was found guilty of two serious crimes: first-degree murder and using a gun during a crime. He won’t have a chance to ask for release until he’s been in prison for at least 17 years and six months. The sad event happened on November 21, 2022. That day Owens was found at his house with two gunshot wounds. He was taken to a hospital but sadly he didn’t survive. Investigations into what happened showed that Owens had argued with Kayce Simms’ grandmother earlier that same day. The grandmother was very upset about it and even talked about it on Facebook. Kayce Simms feeling really angry about how his grandmother was treated decided to go and confront Owens.

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West Virginia Man Sentenced to Life in Prison for Fatal Shooting Over Grandmother Disrespect (PHOTO: True Crime Daily)

West Virginia Man’s Violent Crime Spree – Fatal Shooting, Jail Trouble, and Life Sentence

He managed to get hold of a gun from someone he knew and went straight to Owens’ house. Once there an argument broke out between Kayce Simms  and Owens. But things quickly turned violent when Kayce Simms shot Owens twice before running away. Some Americans who were there when it happened saw Simms do it and told the police. Kayce Simms has been locked up since December 2, 2022 but while he’s been in jail he’s caused even more trouble. He was caught with a weapon threatened the Americans who work at the jail and even attacked some of them. This sad story reminds us all of how serious the consequences of using violence to solve problems can be. It’s left one family mourning the loss of their loved one and another family facing the reality of a loved one spending many years in prison.

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