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Grocery Heist: Police Hunt for Duo Behind $2,700 Theft at Giant Eagle Store

Thieves Target Giant Eagle Store in Glenshaw

Police Search for Duo Accused of Stealing $2,700 in Groceries

According to Triblive, Two men, Sergio Lombardo and Benjamin Coghe, are wanted by police for stealing groceries from a Giant Eagle store in Glenshaw. They used the store’s Scan Pay Go system to steal $2,700 worth of goods over several days in May.

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Grocery Heist: Police Hunt for Duo Behind $2,700 Theft at Giant Eagle Store (PHOTO: GOOGLE)

Police Crack Down on Shoplifting Ring: Suspects Sought After Stole $2,700 in Groceries

Police found out what happened by looking at security footage and talking to witnesses. They saw that the two men used a white van to carry the stolen goods and that the van was registered under the same name as the store’s card used in the thefts. The police last saw the two men fishing near a stream, and they are asking for anyone who knows where they are to come forward. This incident is making people think about shoplifting and self-checkout lanes, which many stores have stopped using because they get stolen too often.

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