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10 Malnourished Cats Rescued, 1 Man Arrested for Animal Neglect in Vanderburgh County

10 Cats Rescued, 3 Found Dead in Severe Animal Neglect Case

Animal Neglect Arrest in Vanderburgh County

According to 14 News, A man has been arrested in Vanderburgh County on charges of animal neglect. The Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office reported that deputies were called to the home of Darren Jones where they found disturbing conditions. When deputies arrived at Jones’s residence he was not home. However, they discovered ten living cats inside the house. These cats appeared malnourished and showed signs of animal neglect. The situation worsened when officials from animal control found three dead cats in the home. The surviving cats were taken into custody by animal control. In addition to the cats that were rescued there were four more cats that officials could not reach. The house was in such bad condition that accessing these cats was impossible at the time. The authorities described the home as deplorable indicating severe animal neglect and unsafe living conditions. Darren Jones spoke to the deputies explaining that he and his wife do not live in the residence full-time. However, they were supposed to take care of the cats. Despite their supposed responsibility it was clear that the animals had not been properly cared for over an extended period.

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10 Malnourished Cats Rescued, 1 Man Arrested for Animal Neglect in Vanderburgh County (PHOTO: Animal Legal Defense Fund)

Animal Cruelty in Vanderburgh County

The police took action because some cats were treated very badly. They rescued the cats that were still alive and are taking care of them. The person responsible for animal neglect Darren Jones got arrested for being mean to the cats. The police want to make sure animals are treated nicely. They’re still investigating to understand why the cats were treated badly. If anyone knows more about this or similar situations they should tell the police. This shows how important it is to take care of pets properly. If Americans don’t it’s not good for the animals or the Americans who own them. Everyone should tell the police if they see animals being treated badly. The rescued cats are safe now and the police will find them new homes. Darren Jones will have to deal with the law for what he did showing that being mean to animals is a serious thing in Vanderburgh County.

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