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Mother’s Murder: Daughter’s Dark Past and Probationary Status Unravel

Mother’s Murder Tragic Fate Revealed

Daughter’s Dark Past and Probationary Status Raise Eyebrows

Article in TrueCrimeDaily, A 67-year-old woman, Peggi Yingling, was found dead in her closet in Hanford. She had been missing for weeks, and her neighbor told the police to check on her. When the police went inside, they found her body wrapped in plastic bags and signs of strangulation. The police found out that Peggi’s daughter, Kelli Yingling, 37, lived in the same house.

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Woman allegedly strangled mom, wrapped body in plastic bags and left it in locked  closet |

Mother’s Murder: Daughter’s Dark Past and Probationary Status Unravel (PHOTO: GOOGLE)

Mother’s Murder: Kelli Yingling, 37, Faces Serious Charges

Kelli is now in trouble for murder and hurting an elderly person. This is not surprising, since she had been in trouble before for hurting an older person and was already on probation. The police are still investigating, but they know that Kelli was involved in her mother’s sad and disturbing death.

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