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From Fixing Leaks to Committing Crimes: The Twisted Tale of Rotherie Foster

Plumber’s Dark Secret: Murder, Theft, and Poisoning

Foster’s Criminal Empire: How a Plumber Turned to Crime

Report of TrueCrimeDaily, A 38-year-old plumber named Rotherie Foster has been charged with many serious crimes in Ventura County, California. He is accused of murdering another plumber, stealing his money and identity, and using his plumbing work to find other victims to rob. Foster is also accused of poisoning an elderly man, Bill Levy, who died in January 2022. Police found that Foster had done plumbing work for Levy at his home and had transferred money from Levy’s account to his own. The autopsy report showed that Levy died from being poisoned with fentanyl, not from natural causes.

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From Fixing Leaks to Committing Crimes: The Twisted Tale of Rotherie Foster (PHOTO: GOOGLE)

Rotherie Foster’s Dark Side: Greed and Deceit Behind Bars

Foster is being held in jail and is set to appear in court on June 6. The police are still investigating and trying to figure out how many people he might have harmed. They think that Foster used his plumbing job to get into people’s homes and steal their belongings. This is a very sad and disturbing case that shows how greed and a lack of kindness can lead to terrible things.

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