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2 Parents in South Carolina Charged with Selling 14-Year-Old Daughter for Sex Trafficking – A Disturbing Case!

Shocking Case of Child Sex Trafficking

Human Trafficking for Sex Impacts Millions of Kids Worldwide

According to True Crime Daily, there is a depressing story out there. April Lawrence and James Wilson committed grave crimes. For cash they sold their daughter who is 14 years old to an older man. This is known as sex trafficking which is the use of children for money. The safety of their daughter were unimportant to the parents. All they wanted was the cash. Were you aware that sex trafficking is a major issue on a global scale? It’s a severe problem that impacts millions of kids. This came to the attention of the police who were investigating possible criminal activity. When they looked into it they found that the man was always giving money to the girl’s parents. In doing so the parents earned more than $1,000. This cash is big. It is enough to purchase food, clothing, and toys. The girl informed the police that her father had forced her to go to the man’s residence even though she didn’t want to. She was terrified about doing it. However, her father disregarded her advice. All he wanted was the money. As a matter of fact 1 in 5 youngsters who fall prey to sex trafficking are compelled to engage in daily sexual relations with many adults. Many youngsters have to deal with this horrifying reality (Source: National Center for Missing & Exploited youngsters).

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2 Parents in South Carolina Charged with Selling 14-Year-Old Daughter for Sex Trafficking – A Disturbing Case! (PHOTO: True Crime Daily)

Parents Jailed for Selling 14-Year-Old Daughter into Sex Trafficking, Community Outraged

Additionally, the police discovered that Willem Barendsen had committed a crime as well. He was taken into custody and accused of causing harm to a minor. This implies that he mistreated the youngster. It was wrong of him to do it. April and James the parents are now behind bars due to their extremely poor behavior. Until their trial they are not allowed to be released from custody. During a trial the judge renders a verdict on guilt or innocence. If proven guilty they might spend a significant amount of time behind bars. Children should feel protected and cherished which makes this a really sad scenario. They shouldn’t have to endure such a traumatic experience. The police are exerting a great deal of effort to ensure that those responsible for this crime receive the just punishment. All of us need to exercise caution and keep an eye out for our kids. Anyone who commits a crime should also be reported to the authorities and we may contribute to our kids’ safety. Actually, filing reports on suspected child abuse or neglect can help keep tragedies from happening. The situation has caused great anger in the community (Source: Child Welfare Information Gateway). Many are discussing it and expressing their emotions.However, we must also express our gratitude to the police for their tireless efforts in arresting the guilty and holding them accountable. This story serves as a lesson to exercise caution and keep an eye out for our kids at all times.

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