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42-Year-Old Alton Turner Charged with Attempted Murder After Memphis Food Truck Attack – Mark Maughmer Faces $30,000 in Damages

 Alton Turner Charged with Attempted Murder

Alton Turner’s Rampage Leaves Mark Maughmer’s Food Truck in Ruins

something really scary happened in Memphis recently making Americans there feel uneasy especially Mark Maughmer who owns a food truck. It happened at the Cordova Pit Stop Food Truck Park on Macon Road one Friday night. Alton Turner who’s 42 got super angry when a nearby bar refused to give him more drinks. So he took out his anger on Mark Maughmer’s food truck. Mark Maughmer tried to calm him down but Alton Turner just got more mad. Cameras caught the scary moment when Turner driving his big Ford F-250 truck crashed into Mark Maughmer’s food stand on purpose. He kept trying to damage it even when his truck got stuck and he even threatened Mark Maughmer and another worker by revving the engine. Thankfully the police showed up fast and arrested Turner. They charged him with serious crimes like trying to hurt someone and assault. This wasn’t the first time Turner got into trouble with the law; he had been arrested before for things like driving drunk and hurting someone in his family.

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42-Year-Old Alton Turner Charged with Attempted Murder After Memphis Food Truck Attack – Mark Maughmer Faces $30,000 in Damages (PHOTO: Yahoo)

Owner Grapples with Fallout, Community Seeks Justice

Mark Maughmer now faces significant financial strain with damages estimated at $30,000 to repair his equipment. Despite this setback he remains resolute that the Cordova Pit Stop Food Truck Park has always been a safe haven free of incidents for over three years. As the community reels from the shocking events questions linger about Alton Turner’s past and whether he received the psychiatric counseling and intervention mandated by the courts. For now Alton Turner remains behind bars at the Shelby County Jail awaiting further legal proceedings. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers lurking within seemingly tranquil environments and underscores the importance of vigilance and community safety. Mark Maughmer and his supporters are left hoping for justice and a return to the peace they once knew at their beloved food truck park.

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