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Highland, California Rocked by Teenage Chaos: Police Pursue Perpetrators

A Big Trouble in Highland, California

Teenager Tries to Take Control of Police Car

According to NTD, A big trouble happened in Highland, California. Some teenagers gathered at a busy street around midnight on May 11. They did something bad, like opening a hydrant to make the road slippery. Then, they started doing crazy things with their cars. A police officer was driving by and saw what was happening. A 15-year-old boy tried to open the door of the police car and take control of it. But the police officer was quick and closed the door. He drove away before things got worse. The crowd was still being very mean, kicking the police car and breaking the windshield.

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Highland, California Rocked by Teenage Chaos: Police Pursue Perpetrators (PHOTO: GOOGLE)

Police Investigate Brazen Incident

The police are very upset about what happened. They think it’s very bad behavior. The 15-year-old boy who did it was caught at his home and might be charged with trying to take a car and damaging property. The police are still investigating and want parents to take care of their kids and make sure they don’t do something like this again.

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