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Burning Ambition: Son’s Shocking Revenge Plot Ends in Tragic Blaze That Kills Family and Pets

Tragic Blaze in Rome, Georgia: One Person and Three Pets Killed in Devastating Fire

Tragic Blaze: Son Accused of Setting Fire to Family Trailer

According to FoxNews, A big fire happened at a trailer in Rome, Georgia. The fire was so bad that it killed one person and three pets. The police got a call saying someone was trapped inside the trailer. When they arrived, they saw that the trailer was on fire and couldn’t get inside. The police asked around and found out that the man who lived in the trailer, Edward Lary, thought his son, Timothy Edward Lary, had set the fire. Edward Lary pointed to his son and said, “He set the fire and my wife is inside. I want him to go to jail.” Timothy Edward Lary, 26, told the police that he did set the fire. He wanted to burn the trailer down because his mom owned the land and wouldn’t sell it to him.

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Son’s Deadly Plot: Timothy Edward Lary Charged with Murder, Animal Cruelty, and More After Setting Fire to Family Trailer

The police found out that Timothy Edward Lary planned to set the fire when his parents were at work. He even got his dad’s help. Edward Lary told the police that his son lit papers on fire and threw them onto the mattress, which started the fire. The police found the bodies of the woman and three pets inside the trailer. Timothy Edward Lary has been charged with many serious crimes, including murder and animal cruelty.

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