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Violent Incident at Cordova Food Truck Park: Man Rams Truck, Injuring Two

(photo: Action News 5)

Alton Turner’s intoxicated rampage at Cordova Pitstop Food Truck Park resulted in him ramming his truck into a food truck, injuring two,\ after escalating tensions with the food truck owner.

Turner’s Intoxication Leads to Disturbing Altercation, Injuring Two

A disturbing incident unfolded at Cordova Pitstop Food Truck Park, captured by surveillance cameras. A man rammed his truck into a food truck, injuring two individuals. Police swiftly responded to a distress call near Macon Road where witnesses recounted the events involving Alton Turner, according to the report of Action News 5.

Turner’s unruly behavior at a nearby bar led to intervention by Mark Maughmer owner of the targeted food truck. Despite Maughmer’s efforts to prevent further intoxication, tensions escalated into a confrontation at the food truck.

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(photo: Action News 5)

Food Truck Owner Narrowly Escapes Tragedy, Turner Faces Severe Charges

In a heated exchange, Turner hurled racial slurs and threats before storming off and returning with his vehicle. He drove through barriers and aimed his truck directly at Maughmer causing destruction and chaos.

Maughmer narrowly escaped harm but lamented the destruction of his livelihood. Turner faces severe charges, with a substantial bond set at $75,000, including multiple counts of aggravated assault and attempted second-degree murder.

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The community grapples with the aftermath of this senseless violence. Investigations continue as the community seeks justice and healing.

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