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Elita Bean: Argument Over Keys Ends in Shocking Murder-Suicide in Memphis

Husband’s Murder Rocks Memphis Family: Wife Arrested After Deadly Argument

Shocking Domestic Violence Incident: Woman Charged with Second-Degree Murder in Husband’s Fatal Shooting

According to TrueCrimeDaily, A 44-year-old woman, Elita Bean, was arrested for killing her husband, Terrence Bean, in front of their children. The incident happened on May 21 at their home in Memphis, Tennessee. According to police, Elita’s children told them that their mother had shot their father. When police arrived, they found Terrence Bean dead on the kitchen floor with three empty bullet casings nearby. Elita Bean was found in the kitchen, saying that the gun had gone off accidentally during a fight.

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Elita Bean: Argument Over Keys Ends in Shocking Murder-Suicide in Memphis (PHOTO: PEOPLE)

Tragic Twist: Argument Over Keys Escalates to Fatal Shooting, Stabbing, and Murder

But one of the children told police that the argument started over a set of keys. It got worse and worse until Elita Bean tried to stab her husband in the kitchen. They then went to the bedroom and back to the kitchen. In the end, Elita Bean got her gun and shot Terrence Bean three times. He was also stabbed twice and cut on his arm. A doctor confirmed these injuries. Elita Bean was arrested and taken to jail for killing her husband.

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