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Barry County Jail to Close Doors on June 1st Due to Plumbing Issues: New Facility Set to Open in October

Barry County Jail Closure Due to Plumbing Woes Prompt Shutdown Until New Facility Opens

Sheriff Boyd Announces Barry County Jail Closure Due to Safety Concerns: Inmates Relocated Until October Opening

According to KY3, Barry County jail is shutting its doors come June 1st with Sheriff Danny Boyd calling it quits due to persistent plumbing problems and safety concerns. With the new Barry County jail on the horizon for October Sheriff Boyd figures it doesn’t make dollars and cents to patch up the old one especially when it’s a hefty $30,000 per section to fix and that’s a lot of sections. Safety is the name of the game here folks. Sheriff Boyd ain’t playing around mentioning last year’s jailbreak as a reminder of the stakes. It’s not just about keeping the inmates in check it’s about keeping everyone safe from the officers to the Americans behind bars. So what happens to the inmates? Well they’re getting a change of scenery heading over to Webster, Stone, and Christian counties for the time being. It’s like a little jail vacation you could say. As for the Americans working at the jail they’re not left high and dry. Sheriff Boyd‘s got their backs letting them use their comp time and even getting some help from unemployment until they can hop back on board when the new jail starts training in September.

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Barry County Jail to Close Doors on June 1st Due to Plumbing Issues: New Facility Set to Open in October (PHOTO: KY3)

Barry County Sheriff’s Office Veteran Kathy Mo Optimistic About New Jail Opening Amid Closure Challenges

Kathy Mo who’s been in the sheriff’s office since ’97 knows the drill. She’s seen the struggles firsthand mentioning how you can’t keep the Barry County jail  running smoothly when the plumbing’s on the fritz. Sometimes you’ve just have to know when to call it quits stop throwing good money after bad as she puts it but hey there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. The new jail’s on track to open its doors come October and that’s something to look forward to. A fresh start a safer space and hopefully no more plumbing problems to deal with. So folks mark your calendars. June 1st the old jail closes its doors. October the new one swings them wide open. And in between well let’s just hope those inmates enjoy their little jail tour.

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