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Deadly Dose of Neglect: Mother’s Drug Use Kills 6-Month-Old Twin in Grisly Hotel Room Tragedy

Tragic Death of 6-Month-Old Twin

Report of TrueCrimeDaily, A mother has been found guilty of killing her 6-month-old twin baby in a hotel room where she worked. The baby died on July 16, 2023, after the mother, Gloria Tesillo, found the baby unresponsive. The baby’s father said he was supposed to be watching the twins, but he had used drugs before passing out and didn’t notice the baby’s condition.

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Tragedy Unfolds: Mother’s Drug Use Kills 6-Month-Old Twin

The police found many drugs in the room, including a strong smell of fentanyl. The baby’s hair also had drugs in it. The doctor said that the baby died from taking too much of a drug use called methamphetamine. The jury took only 30 minutes to decide that the mother was guilty of killing the baby. The case is a sad reminder of what happens when people use drugs and don’t take care of their children.

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