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Colombian Nationals Busted in Glendale: Inside the Alleged ‘Burglary Tourism’ Ring

Colombian Nationals Arrested in Glendale for Alleged Involvement in Burglary Tourism Ring

Sophisticated Surveillance Gear Uncovered During Glendale Police Traffic Stop

According to CBSNews, Glendale police caught four Americans from Colombia they think were part of a group that travels to commit burglaries. They got caught around 10:30 p.m. during a traffic stop because their car didn’t have headlights on. When the police searched the car, they found a fancy hidden camera in a planter nearby. The dirt around the planter looked messed up, so the police figured out the suspects were spying on houses to see when Americans weren’t home.

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Colombian Nationals Busted in Glendale: Inside the Alleged ‘Burglary Tourism’ Ring (PHOTO:Inquirer USA )

Glendale Burglary Suspects Linked to Previous Theft, Alleged Participation in Larger Criminal Operation

The police found stuff like jewelry boxes and work clothes in the car, which are things burglars use to not look suspicious. One of the guys, Bryan Martinez-Vargas, had already been arrested in April for a burglary. He and someone else were caught running away from a house they were robbing. The police found stolen things from that house in their car, along with a device that blocks WiFi signals. This group is part of a bigger crime thing where Americans come to the U.S. pretending to be tourists but stealing from rich neighborhoods. The stuff they found matches what’s been happening in other parts of Southern California.

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