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45-Year Mystery Solved: Jane Doe Identified as Wanda Brewer Using Forensic Genetic Genealogy!

Forensic Genealogy Reveals Identity of Jane Doe Found Near California Highway in 1979

Jane Doe Unmasked as Wanda Brewer Through Forensic Genetic Genealogy

In 1979 a shocking discovery was made by a couple hunting near Highway 175 in California. They stumbled upon skeletal remains hidden in the woods. For nearly 45 years the identity of the victim remained a mystery and the case grew cold. The victim a woman estimated to be between 25 and 35 years old had perished sometime between 1976 and 1979, according to True Crime Daily. She became known as Jane Doe a name given to unidentified individuals. However, recent advancements in forensic genetic genealogy offered a glimmer of hope in solving this decades-old mystery. The National Missing and Unidentified Person System along with the assistance of Othram Inc. a forensic genealogy company played crucial roles in unraveling the identity of Jane Doe. After years of relentless effort investigators finally had a breakthrough. In June 2019 Jane Doe‘s details were entered into the national database and her DNA was submitted to Othram for analysis. The scientists at Othram meticulously crafted a comprehensive DNA profile for Jane Doe providing the sheriff’s office with invaluable investigative leads.

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45-Year Mystery Solved: Jane Doe Identified as Wanda Brewer Using Forensic Genetic Genealogy! (PHOTO: True Crime Daily)

Breakthrough in Cold Case: Wanda Brewer Identified 45 Years After Mysterious Death Near California Highway

The journey to find out who Jane Doe was faced a lot of problems. In January they found someone who might be related but they couldn’t be sure. It wasn’t until March that they got another clue. Someone else came forward and talked about their family. They said there were two sisters and one of them disappeared in the 1970s. The investigators worked harder on this lead. They talked to more people and did more tests. Finally, in April they figured it out. The victim was Wanda Brewer. She was from Arkansas but lived in California. Even though they found out who she was the mystery of how she died is still there. The police still have a lot of questions and want to find the truth. Wanda’s story reminds us that some cases take a long time to solve but we should never stop trying. With the help of the police, scientists, and the community Wanda’s family finally knows what happened after over 40 years of not knowing.

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