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Bold Theft: Delaware Police Apprehend Corey Cohee for Stealing Tesla Cybertruck, Community Urged to Stay Vigilant

Delaware State Police Apprehend Corey Cohee for Bold Tesla Cybertruck Theft in Lincoln

Corey Cohee Faces Charges After Delaware Police Capture Him for Stealing Tesla Cybertruck

According to ShoreNewsNetwork, In a bold crime that caught everyone’s attention, Delaware State Police caught 41-year-old Corey Cohee from Milford, Delaware. They say he stole a Tesla Cybertruck from a home in Lincoln. It happened early yesterday morning when police got a call about a stolen car on Brick Granary Road around 8:10 AM. When they got there, they found out that a 2024 silver Tesla Cybertruck, with temporary New Jersey registration, was missing from the property.

The police acted fast and found the stolen truck on a dirt road off Pinecone Drive. But when the thief saw the police, he tried to run away. There was a short chase, but eventually, the Tesla Cybertruck stopped back on Brick Granary Road. The police caught Cohee without any more trouble. Now, he’s facing serious charges like stealing a car and not listening to the police. Cohee went to court at Justice of the Peace Court 3 and is now in Sussex Correctional Institution with a $4,002 bond.

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Bold Theft: Delaware Police Apprehend Corey Cohee for Stealing Tesla Cybertruck, Community Urged to Stay Vigilant (PHOTO: DELWARE Police)

Delaware State Police’s Swift Action in Tesla Cybertruck Theft Highlights Community Vigilance and Safety Collaboration

This whole situation shows how alert and quick Delaware State Police are when it comes to catching criminals. They’re working hard to keep everyone safe. As they keep investigating, people need to keep an eye out for anything suspicious and report it to the police right away. This incident reminds us all how important it is for the community to work together to stop crime and make sure our neighborhoods stay peaceful and secure.

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