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Former Water Treatment Worker’s Tampering Raises Alarms for Town’s Water Safety

Former Water Treatment Plant Worker Faces Consequences for Unauthorized Computer Access

Rambler Gallo Sentenced for Tampering with Town’s Water System via Unauthorized Software

According to EastBayTimes, Rambler Gallo, a former worker hired by Discovery Bay to run the town’s water treatment plant, faced trouble after a grand jury charged him last June. They said he put software on his computer and the company’s network without permission, letting him control the plant’s computer system remotely. Gallo admitted he did wrong and was sentenced on May 8 for messing with the plant’s computer.

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Former Water Treatment Worker’s Tampering Raises Alarms for Town’s Water Safety (PHOTO: GOOGLE)

Former Water Treatment Worker’s Actions Highlight Potential Risks to Town’s Water Safety

The prosecutors said what Gallo did was serious because it could have made the water unsafe for the town. After he quit his job, he still got into the system and turned off important software that keeps the water clean and safe. Other workers found out about it later, showing how big a problem it was. A judge decided Gallo should be on probation for three years, give up his computer, and pay $44,250 to fix what he did. This punishment is a reminder that messing with important systems like the water plant can have serious consequences.

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