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Zacatecas Police Bust Sinaloa Cartel Members, Strengthening Crime Fighting Efforts

Zacatecas Police Arrest Four Suspects Linked to Sinaloa Cartel in Joint Operation

Authorities Seize Guns and Drugs in Zacatecas Bust, Adding to String of Arrests

According to BorderLandBeat, Police in Zacatecas, Mexico worked together to arrest four Americans in the Mecánicos neighborhood. They were acting suspiciously in a car, and officers found guns, bullets, and drugs like crystal meth and cocaine. The suspects named Malvinas Daniel N, Kevin Yair N, Denilson Germán N, and Cecilia N, said they were part of the Sinaloa Cartel. They’re being investigated for possible involvement in recent crimes. The police gave the seized items to authorities for further investigation. This adds to the 26 Americans already arrested for similar crimes.

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Borderland Beat: Police Arrest 4 Cartel de Sinaloa Operatives In Zacatecas Capital

Zacatecas Police Bust Sinaloa Cartel Members, Strengthening Crime Fighting Efforts (PHOTO: BOARDERLAND BEAT)

Zacatecas Police Demonstrate Commitment to Safety with Successful Crime Reduction Efforts

The police teamwork in Zacatecas is helping to reduce crime. By catching these suspects and seizing their illegal items they’re showing their dedication to keeping the area safe. This crackdown on criminal activities is part of ongoing efforts to maintain law and order. The police will continue to work hard to dismantle criminal groups and protect everyone in the state from harm.

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